Safety System

Would You Like Greater Safety? We Have the Solution!

Safe, safer, RauSafe®!

Safe, Safer, RauSafe™!

RAUMEDIC has developed a new safety system for syringes – RauSafe. 

This safety system can be activated after an injection by simply pushing it forward. As soon as the needle is completely enclosed, you can hear and feel the system snap into the end position, where it remains permanently.

During the activation of the safety system the components are extended like a telescope until they enclose the needle completely and securely. In the end position, the system snaps together and gives the user a tactile and audible feedback. Optional visual marking is also possible. The system now remains in this secure end position permanently and provides protection against injuries.

The grip surface of the RauSafe system consists of a 2-component injection molded part with soft components which offers more security and comfort to the user.

RauSafe® Design and Adaptation Options

The development of RauSafe has helped to overcome the disadvantages of existing systems due to its innovative design. Several telescopic sleeves of different diameters are forming the core element. They are stacked on top of each other in the initial position, thus requiring only little space. 

Thanks to this compact design, the entire diameter of this device is about the same as that of the finger flange, and standard packaging of the syringe can be maintained in most cases. In the initial position only the external part of the system is visible, which follows the design of the syringe and is thus perceived as part of the injection system.

The entire system is located in front of the syringe body, thus allowing the syringe to be handled in the usual way. RauSafe – a RAUMEDIC product – an easily manageable and attractive safety system for users and for patients.