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Welcome to the heart of innovation in the world of drug delivery! In an era where precision and reliability are paramount, injection systems take center stage in the global market's major developments. With the rise of modern biotechnological vaccines and the growing trend of home care, the demand for cutting-edge injection systems has never been greater. Embrace the vast realm of possibilities in medical polymers with RAUMEDIC. Your journey towards innovative and tailored solutions begins here.

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Extensive expertise in device development

At RAUMEDIC, we are dedicated to providing customized solutions for pharmacists and medical device manufacturers. As an increasing number of patients opt for the comfort of their homes during treatments, the role of safe and user-friendly injection systems becomes pivotal. We are here to support you from the earliest stages of your development journey.

Let´s develop the next generation of injection devices, where innovation meets precision, and reliability meets convenience.

Our Competences

Forms of Administration

Developing a succesful device means to understand exactly the patients needs and challenges of the delivery route. Our customers appreciate the wide range of possibilities we can offer them for executing new ideas. A broad spectrum of processing technologies for medical-grade plastics coupled with know-how in the design of pharmaceutical automation lines opens up definite prospects for you, too. Within the field of custom assemblies and disposable products, we provide you with the utmost freedom of design, enabling the creation of the most optimal fusion of drug and device.

Polymer Syringe Systems

We emerge as the quintessential partner for both the development and manufacturing of customized syringe systems and individual syringe components. We have not only mastered the intricacies of regulatory requirements but also deeply understand the unique needs of medical professionals and patients alike. For every distinct challenge that arises, we are committed to finding the perfect solution. 

Syringe Systems

Wearable Drug Delivery Devices

In the dynamic area of drug delivery, a profound transformation is taking place, and at the core of this revolution are wearable injectors. These ingenious devices bring forth a new era of precise, convenient, and monitored drug delivery. Yet, the journey to their development is nothing short of challenging. Our vision is simple – mobility for the patient, convenience in every dose. RAUMEDIC is your gateway to a future where wearable drug delivery devices empower patients and healthcare providers alike. Explore the limitless potential with us – together, we're pioneering the future of healthcare.


Pen- and Autoinjectors

The key to successful self-medication lies in the design of devices that are not just well-crafted but, above all, user-friendly. In this arena, pen and autoinjectors shine as intuitive and secure solutions across a multitude of therapeutic areas. To foster innovation and excellence, it is essential to blend innovative designs with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. The synergy of reusable platforms with disposable components embraces sustainability, marking a significant step forward. RAUMEDIC invites you to be a part of this transformative journey, where patient-centric innovation takes center stage. Your vision for a safer, more user-friendly future begins here.

Upgrade your Injection System!

The RAUMEDIC syringe and plunger stoppers have a significant influence on the overall performance of injection systems. Explore the several benefits!

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