Enabling Progress in Therapy: Polymer Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapy represents a revolutionary approach to treating diseases by targeting the underlying genetic defects or harnessing the regenerative potential of cells. This rapidly evolving field holds immense promise for the future of medicine. With the potential to cure previously incurable diseases, cell and gene therapy is set to transform healthcare.

As a leading polymer specialist, RAUMEDIC delivers custom solutions for gene and cell therapy applications ranging from research to patient treatment. Let us help you empower breakthroughs in cell and gene therapy.

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Navigating and Overcoming Challenges together

Polymer-based solutions for cell and gene therapy are a challenging endeavor to design and manufacture. Not many companies combine expertise in materials, design, manufacturing, and strict regulatory compliance. As an industry partner of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, RAUMEDIC offers tailored solutions for tubing and other polymer-based applications, ensuring safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance for successful cell and gene therapy advancements.

Easy to work with: RAUMEDIC as an Ideal Partner for Polymer Based Cell and Gene Therapy Applications


  • In-House Material Department
  • Design, Concepts, and Prototyping
  • Manufacturing Expertise

Materials Expertise

  • Material Development
  • Research, Selection, Qualification
  • Customer-Specific Formulations

Pharma Industry Partner

  • Standard-Compliant Tubing
  • Clean Room Manufacturing
  • Dependable and Reliably Safe

Tried and Trusted: RAUMEDIC as a One-Stop-Shop Solutions Provider for Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

As a one-stop shop, RAUMEDIC provides everything you need from one single source. With our streamlined processes and niche experts that collaborate to make your project a success, we help customers who care to move cell and gene therapy solutions forward. With RAUMEDIC, you can count on expert guidance in material and component selection – and a design for manufacturing approach that ensures efficient and effective production and assembly.

RAUMEDIC is all about people who care. Let’s move forward cell and gene therapy together!


Consult with our experts who will help you on your ideal choice of materials for your product or solution. If it’s not available, we will customize the best available materials formula for you.

Material Development at RAUMEDIC

Design and Prototyping

We know what you truly need: efficiency from start to finish, fewer customization loops, shorter development times, lower costs.

Discover our competences in design and prototyping

Manufacturing & Assembly

Benefit from a multi-specialist manufacturing partner that has engineered and assembled medical progress for more than 70 years.

Manufacturing competences

A small selection of RAUMEDIC-engineered progress in cell and gene therapy

Complex Tube and Bag Set

For the Isolation and Modification of Cells

We have developed, manufactured, and assembled a set for the isolation and modification of cells.

  • The set includes bags, filters, PVC and silicone tubing, and connectors.
  • The entire manufacturing process adhered to the highest tolerance requirements.
  • With a total of 50 connections that couldn't be bonded, we successfully resolved this issue through our in-house manual assembly.

Find the full reference here

Disposable Cell Sorter Tube Set

For the Separation of Tumor Cells

We have helped one of our partners in developing a disposable cell-sorter set - a solution for life that helps fight cancer.

  • The single-use set includes micro-extruded PVC tubing, molded silicone components, and custom-made packaging.
  • The tubing set is crucial to selectively isolate circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from peripheral blood.
  • To ensure functionality and a working design, pretests were carried out with a 3D-printed prototype.

Find the full reference here

More reasons to partner with RAUMEDIC

Tubing Manufacturing Specialist

Your solution requires tubing that exactly fit your requirements? That’s what we excel at - as a tubing specialist with over 70 years of experience.

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Connectors for Tube Sets

Solutions beyond tube sets: Does your solution require connectors like Y-connectors, 3-way distributors, or reduction connectors? We’ve got you covered.

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Assembly of Complex Tube Sets

Cell and gene therapy is complex, just like the products required for it. That’s why we assemble your tubingset products in-house. Manual, semi and fully automated assembly processes - at your service.

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Multi-layer tubing

To optimally protect light-sensitive and PVC-incompatible substances, we can provide specialized co-extruded tubing.

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Themes, Trends & Technologies Leading the future – based on experience and expertise.

Even more reasons to partner with RAUMEDIC in the area of cell and gene therapy

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Certified ISO Class 7 cleanrooms


Certified Quality Management

QM system according to ISO 13485

Quality Management

Patented Low Tack Treatment

Unique surface treatment that enhances silicone tubing product quality

Low Tack

Packaging, Sterilization and Certification

DIN EN 868 and DIN EN ISO 11607 compliant packaging

Packaging, Sterilization and Certification

FAQ: How can customers benefit from RAUMEDIC’s competences and experience?

Why is RAUMEDIC a one-stop-shop for polymer-based solutions for cell and gene therapy?

Customers receive everything from a single source, as RAUMEDIC manufactures and/ or assembles various components (tubing, connectors, and bags) itself and can guarantee high quality by controlling the entire chain of production.

What is RAUMEDIC's “Design for Manufacturing” approach?

Products are designed in a way that requires as few components as possible, making serial production more efficient and more cost effective.

How can I benefit from RAUMEDIC’s advice on component selection?

Based on our expertise in pharmaceutical fluid handling, we will gladly advise you on your tube set’s layout and the right component selection. This saves you time and money.

How do customers benefit from RAUMEDIC’s technical safeguarding of complicated manufacturing and assembly processes?

All manufacturing steps are monitored with cameras to meet the highest quality requirements, facilitating the certification process. For assembly, specially developed manufacturing aids are used to assemble the required components in a specified sequence, ensuring a streamlined assembly process.

Why is it an advantage that RAUMEDIC is a trusted manufacturer of biopharma and biotech fluid handling tubing?

With a certified and validated biopharma and biotech tubing portfolio, RAUMEDIC is the ideal partner for tube and bag sets that require biocompatible tubing for a range of different applications.

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