Moving Cell and Gene Therapy Forward with our Customers Disposable cell sorting tube and bag set

We are involved in the design, development and manufacture of a polymer-based single-use tube and bag set for cell sorting. The solution is part of a larger system that uses a microfluidic device to diagnose and track cancer progression.

The tool’s goal is to isolate circulating tumor cells (CTCs). It’s currently relied upon by many leading research institutes fighting cancer through new methods such as cell and gene therapy.

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A multi-specialist approach: the components in detail

noDOP PVC tubing

Our noDOP (DEHP-free) PVC tubing was created for its various applications in the medical field. The use of TEHTM plasticizer exhibits a lower migration in comparison to other plasticizers and decreases the interaction with the fluid being transported.

UV stability

The absolutely invisible ‘blue tint’ of the PVC tubes is suitable for gas and gamma sterilization and shows a high resistance against yellowing while aging.

Tube-in-Luer connections

This alternative to common barb fittings shows a great performance in the flow-through behavior as well as high tightness and pressure resistance. Tubes are glued into the connector.

Developing a solution for life – and our customer - to move cell therapy forward.

“The success of the project was in particular achieved by creating a symbiosis with the customer's components and completing the already existing assembly into a highly functional final product. It's a testament to RAUMEDIC’s flexibility and service mentality – and how we can respond to customer requests. Additionally, the project demonstrated how many years of expertise can be integrated into the design and manufacturing process itself. Last but not least, it was fulfilling to make a meaningful contribution in such an important medical field as cell therapy.“

Julia Wilterius, Product Engineer at RAUMEDIC

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