Premium Tubing for Pharma & Biopharma SILMOTION Platinum-Cured Silicone (SIL) Tubing for Pharma Fluid Handling Applications

SILMOTION Silicone (SIL) tubing by RAUMEDIC is a highly resistant platinum-cured silicone tubing, specifically designed for the safe transfer of fluids.

It is most commonly used for:

  • Media Processing
  • Buffer Processing
  • Filtration
  • Fermentation
  • Cell Harvesting

Our SILMOTION tubing is a tried and trusted choice for numerous pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical fluid handling applications - and relied upon by (bio)pharmaceutical companies all around the world.

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First Class Products: Tried and Trusted Pharma Fluid Handling Tubing

Optimized for Purity & Performance

RAUMEDIC's SILMOTION silicone pharma tubing ensures a consistent, accurate and reliably safe transfer of fluids. The durable high-purity material (SIL) is a dependable choice for pharmaceutical, laboratory and biotechnology applications.

Platinum cured tubing 

Superior to peroxide-cured tubing

Optimized for cell growth

Ideal for biopharma applications

Low number of extractables

Particularly low extractables values with SIL

Reliably safe materials: High purity silicone tubing for pharma fluid handling

SILMOTION silicone pharma tubing is made of material grade Silicone SIK8649, a high purity silicone rubber specifically suited for pharma and biopharma applications.
Silicone pharma tubing offers great benefits for pharma and biopharma companies: Extreme resilience, kink and pressure resistance, flexibility and general robustness.
Chemically speaking, SIK8649 is an additioncross-linked hot vulcanisate based on vinyl methyl dimethyl polysiloxane using silicic acid fillers and a platinum catalyst.

  • SILMOTION silicone tubing is colorless transparent or translucent.
  • Shore Hardness A (60)
  • No deterioration or loss of integrity at temperatures ranging from -60 °C (-76 °F) to +200 °C (+392 °F)
  • Excellent resistance to water up to 100 °C and to low-pressure steam up to 135 °C
  • Strong resistance to weak acids and alkalis
  • Sterilization possible with gas, steam, gamma or X-rays

Standard Compliant

  • Fulfills requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9.
  • Fulfills requirements of FDA regulation 21CFR, § 177.2600.


  • ISO 10993 tested
  • USP class VI tested
  • Pyrogenicity tested in accordance with European Pharmacopoeia
  • No animal derived materials (BSE/TSE risk-free)

BPOG tested Extractable Profile

  • BPOG-studied extractable profile
  • Extractable profile exceeds regulatory expectations

Interested in our pharma tubing’s technical data?

SILMOTION silicone pharma tubing data on physio-chemical properties, biocompatibility, pressure testing, pumping lifetime, flow rate data – and much more:
Available in our official validation guide.

One step ahead of other silicone tubing

Patented & unique: Low Tack Surface 

RAUMEDIC's SILMOTION biopharma silicone tubing features the patented Low Tack surface treatment.

After the tubing has been extruded, a unique coating is applied to the exterior surface of the SIL fluid handling tubing by a specialized Low Tack method.

4 ways customers benefit from RAUMEDIC's patented Low Tack surface treatment:

1. Enhanced pumping properties
  • Lower gliding force
  • Reduced strain at the point of contact with the pump.
  • Increased lifespan of tubing due to reduced wear and decreased material abrasion
2. Better handling
  • Better sliding properties than untreated pharma tubing
  • Less sticky surface - ideal for secondary processing, assembly and packaging.
3. Fewer impurities
  • Decreased adhesion of particles on the tubing’s surface
  • Significant reduction of possible impurities
4. Inkjet printable
  • Printable tubing – unlike other common silicone tubing in the market
  • Cleaner and safer than roller printing – or other methods

Learn more about Low Tack here or in the video below.

RAUMEDIC Low Tack surface treatment

Fluid Handling Performance for Pharma

Tested and trusted for functionality:
SILMOTION Silicone Pharma Fluid Handling Tubing

RAUMEDIC's first class platinum-cured silicone tubing excels at pharma fluid handling operations, where long pump life, exact flow rates and high accuracy are crucial.
With a long pump life and excellent testing results, SILMOTION tubing provides improved performance and reliable safety under the rigorous pumping conditions of a peristaltic roller pump.

To learn more about the outstanding functionality test results of RAUMEDIC's silicone pharma fluid handling tubing, please request our validation package.

Excellent Pressure Test Results

Tested in accordance with ISO 1402 at ambient conditions for non-sterile and sterilized tubing.

Long Pumping Lifetime

Enhanced pumping lifetime under the rigorous use of a peristaltic roller pump.

Increased Flow Rates

Shorter processing times due to consistent and reliable flow rates.

Product supply and availability

Customers benefit from RAUMEDIC's multiple sourcing strategy for Pharma Grade Silicone (SIK8649). RAUMEDIC relies on a vast and reliable network of suppliers to ensure the highest possible degree of security of supply.

Flexibility and reliability for customers worldwide

  • Multiple production sites (EU & USA)
  • Track-record of success dating back more than 70 years.
  • Culture of long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers

Security of supply through multiple sources

  • Long-term partnerships and contracts with material suppliers
  • Highly diversified supply chain to ensure seamless manufacturing
  • Global network of storage facilities and warehouses

Batch traceability

  • Traceability of every single ingredient and process step
  • Tracing possible at all times
  • Benefit further from RAUMEDIC's culture of transparency and accountability

We serve Pharma. As a unique industry partner.

As a globally operating family-owned corporation with five different production sites in three different countries, we foster long-term relationships with suppliers and customers alike. This culture of steadfast and long-term strategic thinking – in partnership with the industries we serve - has earned us the trust of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries as a best-in-class supplier for pharma tubing.

In stock and ready to ship

Standard dimensions for SILMOTION silicone pharma fluid handling tubing

RAUMEDIC's SILMOTION SIL tubing is available in standardized dimensions commonly requested in the marketplace for fluid handling and bioprocessing tubing. Further dimensions maybe offered upon request.

Further, SILMOTION tubing is available unprinted, with a standardized printing or a customized printing.

Tubings in stock

  • Dimensions between 1/16“ x 3/16“ (ID x OD) and 1“ x 1 3/8“ (ID x OD)
  • Natural color without addition of color pigments
  • Further dimensions upon request.

Have your silicone pharma tubing printed – if you want.

  • Unprinted
  • Standardized Printing
  • Customized Printing

Take a more detailed look!

Tubing Dimensions, Type and Part Numbers Overview
TolerancesCoil length [m]Printed / non-printedArticle code
Inner diameter [mm]Wall thickness [mm]
1/16“ x 3/16“
1,6 mm x 4,8 mm
1,45 - 1,751,45 - 1,7515non-printed818832-323
1/8“ x 1/4“
3,2 mm x 6,4 mm
3,00 - 3,401,40 - 1,8015non-printed818834-323
1/4“ x 3/8“
6,4 mm x 9,5 mm
6,10 - 6,701,40 - 1,8015non-printed818835-323
1/4“ x 7/16“
6,4 mm x 11,1 mm
6,10 - 6,702,10 - 2,7015non-printed818841-323
5/16“ x 1/2“
7,9 mm x 12,7 mm
7,62 - 7,922,20 - 2,6015non-printed818035-323
3/8“ x 5/8“
9,5 mm x 15,9 mm
9,40 - 9,802,90 - 3,3015non-printed818842-323
1/2“ x 3/4“
12,7 mm x 19,1 mm
12,50 - 13,502,70 - 3,3015non-printed818844-323
3/4“ x 1“
19,1 mm x 25,4 mm
18,50 - 19,702,85 - 3,4515non-printed818839-323
3/4“ x 1 1/8“
19,1 mm x 28,6 mm
18,50 - 19,704,45 - 5,0515non-printed818840-323
1“ x 1 3/8“
25,4 mm x 34,9 mm
24,60 - 26,204,40 - 5,2010non-printed818846-323

Quality Assurance - ISO 13485

Uncompromising high-quality standards

  • RAUMEDIC has a track record of over 70 years of excellence due to its commitment to providing high-quality products and services for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • RAUMEDIC has implemented comprehensive quality management systems throughout all its silicone pharma tubing manufacturing processes.
  • These systems are designed to ensure consistent quality, traceability, and adherence to the highest industry standards.
  • RAUMEDIC offers customers the assurance of cGMP conformity along with an high quality of silicone tubing resulting in high batch-to-batch reproducibility.
  • RAUMEDIC is certified according to ISO 13485. The respective certificate can be found in our validation guide for platinum cured silicone (SIL) tubing.

Full Validation Document

To make it as easy as possible for you, we offer you a fully comprehensive validation package.

Package contains:

  • General properties
  • Information about shelf life and storage
  • Material Compliance
  • Full Test Results
  • Documentation and Certificates

Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to serve you.

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More reasons to rely on RAUMEDIC's silicone pharma tubing

Patented low-tack surface

Improved pumping properties & reduced stickiness

Low Tack

Certified material compliance

High purity platinum-cured silicone that exceeds industry standards

Silicone expertise


Optimized for safety and performance

Material properties

ISO 7 clean room

Manufactured under clean room conditions

Quality Management

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