Making drug therapies patient-friendly Oral Drug Delivery

Oral drug delivery is a convenient and effective way to administer medications. However, it also poses some challenges that require careful consideration and planning, especially when it comes to administering liquid oral drugs. That’s why you need a reliable partner who can offer you customized solutions for your oral dosing device needs.

RAUMEDIC is a leading manufacturer of oral dosing devices that are designed to ensure accurate and easy dosing of liquids, granules and powders. With RAUMEDIC, you can benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in oral drug delivery. We support you in the development of innovative solutions that suit your individual requirements. We also offer comprehensive services such as testing, validation, documentation and regulatory support.

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Liquid Dosing Device: A Proven Solution for Accurate and Convenient Oral Drug Delivery

Our Liquid Dosing Device was developed by us and approved as a Co-Packed Combination Product. Benefit from our experience and expertise in the market approval of new products.

  • Specifically for oral drug application in children and elderly patients
  • Latching element prevents under- and overdosing
  • For precise dosing of liquid drugs (1 milliliter/5 milliliter/10 milliliter)
  • Dosing accuracy adjustable in increments of up to 0.1 ml 
  • Each dosing increment is audible thanks to the click feature

Comprehensive Competences

Do you have new ideas for development? RAUMEDIC can help you from the initial concept to the final approval. We are your trusted partner for developing technologies that benefit patients, systems that innovate, and methods that ensure quality. We support you in the development of innovative solutions that ensure flexible and precise drug delivery - all according to your individual requirements.

Material Development

RAUMEDIC is the expert you need for medical-grade plastics. Why? Because we have the knowledge and skills to shape polymers to your needs. We can customize a material that suits your product perfectly.

Material Expertise

Design and Prototyping

We believe that modern prototyping is essential for effective design. To make sure that our developments are ready for cost-efficient production, we handle all aspects of product design in-house, from equipment design to 3D-printed prototypes.

Product Design


Our manufacturing processes are validated and secured by the application of statistical methods. We are experts in extrusion, precision injection molding, and assembly, and we can handle any manufacturing process you need.


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