Tailored to your needs Polymer Syringe Systems

The biotechnological production of products and corresponding regulatory guidelines introduce entirely new challenges in the fabrication of primary packaging and medical devices. Therefore, experience and knowledge of materials is all the more important. RAUMEDIC is the ideal partner for the development and manufacturing of individual syringe systems as well as individual syringe components.

We are just as familiar with the regulatory requirements as we are with the needs of the medical staff and patients. We find the right solution for each individual challenge. In the development and production of custom assemblies and disposable products, we offer you highest freedom of design to realize the best possible combination of drug and device. We are happy to support you even before the clinical phases begin. Benefit from our extensive expertise in the world of medical polymers!

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Syringe Components

We go beyond and above the standards.

At RAUMEDIC we don't just meet the standards; we exceed them. When it comes to our Polymer Syringe Systems, we're dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure excellence in quality, safety, and innovation. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks is what sets us apart in the world of medical polymers. Join us in redefining the standards for superior syringe solutions.

Syringe production at RAUMEDIC

Fully automated production and assemby

Ready for the Deep Freeze

When it comes to handling sensitive biologics and pharmaceuticals, extreme temperature resistance is paramount. Our syringe systems are built to withstand the deepest temperatures, with material resistance reaching down to a remarkable -80°C. This exceptional capability ensures that your valuable cargo remains safe and secure, even in the most demanding conditions. With RAUMEDIC, your syringe systems are not just ready for the freeze – they're built to thrive in it.

Ready to fill

A syringe system is only truly ready when it's prepared for every aspect of its journey, from inception to application. This includes meticulous care in packaging and sterilization to ensure compatibility for aseptic filling. Whether it's tubs, nests, or trays, our expertise covers every detail, because we believe that a syringe system's readiness should be as comprehensive as your commitment to patient care. Trust us to handle every facet, so your syringe systems are ready for aseptic filling.

Silicone Syringe Stoppers

In syringe systems, impeccable handling is the linchpin of quality. Seamless and precise handling is the key to ensuring the precise dosing of drugs, underpinning the very essence of safe drug administration. The unsung heroes behind this precision are the syringe and plunger stoppers, which wield a substantial influence over the entire performance of injection systems. In stark comparison to traditional rubber stoppers, RAUMEDIC's glide-optimized silicone stoppers stand apart. Upgrade your syringe system to new heights!

Silicone Syringe Plungers

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