Our location in Estonia RAUMEDIC at Tallinn

RAUMEDIC Esonia AS, based in the capital of Estonia Tallinn, has been part of the RAUMEDIC group of companies since 2021. At its production site, it specializes primarily in manual assembly, but also has the capability of utilizing extrusion as a supporting service.

Approx. 1,350 m2 of ISO class 7 clean room production facilities




m2 clean room

As a subsidiary of the RAUMEDIC group, RAUMEDIC Estonia AS is an important production site in Estonia, specializing on manual assembly under clean room conditions.

Products assembled include spirometry tubes, d-fend water traps, gas sampling lines, outflow sets, water tubes, vacuum tubing systems, and near medical technology (NMT) components.

Made in Europe for the world!

Process Technologies


Manual Assembly

Managing Director

Emöke Sogenbits

Emöke Sogenbits is Managing Director of RAUMEDIC Estonia AS since October 2022. The Estonian with decades of experience in operations and international management held various senior management positions over the course of her prestigious career, including President Cluster Baltics in HANZA and led with a clear vision and a decisive strategy.

Ms. Sogenbits has earned a reputation as well renowned expert in the fields of global sourcing, supplier management, supply chain optimization, value stream management, demand and supply chain management, operations, and manufacturing.

photo made by Andras Kralla