Patch Pumps Disposable units for wearable drug delivery devices

A patch pump is easy for patients to wear on their skin. This way, they always have the medication they need at hand. Two core components make this possible: A reusable electronic activator and a pump module for one-time use. As a polymer specialist, we let our full expertise flow into these customized disposable units which consist of high-precision molded parts made of thermoplastics and silicone as well as of extruded micro tubing.

Being independent and able to move around freely or drive to the clinic for treatment? It’s an easy decision for patients who rely on daily medication. Worn discreetly on the body, patch pumps already make life easier for many people today.

Simple solution for complex needs

Using selected groups of components as an example, we will give you a glimpse into our manufacturing process and demonstrate how individual components are processed.

    Sub-Assembly #1


    Hypodermic needle
    Siliconization of the needle considerably reduces the patient’s pain perception during injection due to reduced penetration and gliding forces.

    Tube clamp
    The UV bonding ensures a secure connection with the coextruded micro tubing.

    Thermoplastic Injection Molding

    The slider is manufactured from the thermoplastic MABS in an injection molding process. In a solid state, the material is particularly tough and exhibits excellent stiffness. Both factors are essential for good force transfer.


    Micro tubing
    In one single manufacturing step, the coextrusion process adheres the PE and PUR thermoplastics to each other. In the process, our RAUINERT technology virtually excludes interactions between drug and material, since the inert inner layer (PE) is very drug compatible.

    Sub-Assembly #2

    Silicone Injection Molding

    Syringe plunger
    Due to its material characteristics, the silicone syringe plunger glides evenly and effortlessly through the barrel. It thereby enables precise dosing of the drug.

    The small LSR plug is the ideal closure for the reservoir of the syringe barrel.


    Syringe barrel
    To allow the (remaining) drug quantity to be read, any type of scale can be added to the barrel by means of pad printing.

    Sub-Assembly #3


    The serial number and indication for the correct placement of the vial adapter can be added to the cover through laser marking. The labeling is permanently abrasion resistant.

    Base plate with skin adhesive
    The adhesive tape must adhere optimally to both the base plate and the patient’s skin and bear the weight of the filled pump. It is therefore affixed to the plate under high pressure.

    2K injection molding

    Vial adapter
    The adapter holds the glass vial with the medication. The combination of hard and soft materials (PC/TPE) ensures that the adapter fits tightly to the cover.

    A form of therapy for the future.

    Today, patch pumps can control the supply of insulin that is so vital for patients in diabetes therapy. Constant new developments in the pharmaceutical industry have led to a steadily growing number of approved drugs for self-medication. In addition, manufacturers of primary packaging are consistently expanding their solutions. As a result, areas of application for large-volume wearable injectors in the home care segment are becoming increasingly diverse.

    Benefits at a glance

    For patients

    • Simplified treatment outside of the hospital
    • Greater independence and mobility
    • Higher quality of life

    For clinical facilities

    • Reduced costs and treatment times
    • More efficient patient care
    • Increased patient satisfaction

    For pharmaceutical companies

    • Strong patient acceptance of patch pumps
    • Increased number of suitable drugs
    • Development of new therapy segments

    We can do more than injection molding, extrusion and assembly!

    We perform leak tightness, flow tests and 100% inline functional tests for our component groups. In addition, we package ready-made products and can take care of sterilization as needed.

    The disposable cartridge and the corresponding vial adapter are packaged and subsequently sterilized. 

    Packaging, Sterilization and Certification

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