Mobility for the patient Wearable Drug Delivery Devices

The landscape of drug delivery devices is evolving, and at the very heart of this transformation are wearable drug delivery devices. Wearable injectors have revolutionized the way we administer medications, offering precision, convenience, and real-time monitoring, all in one compact package. However, their development is no small feat. 
At RAUMEDIC, we stand as seasoned pioneers in the industry, armed with an extensive reservoir of know-how. Our expertise extends from the intricacies of material science to navigating the complex web of regulatory processes. Together, we are poised to redefine the future of efficient and patient-friendly drug delivery.

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Enter the Future of Drug Delivery with RAUMEDIC

When it comes to pioneering the next generation of drug delivery devices, choosing the right partner is paramount. We proudly stand as the industry's foremost choice for developing Wearable injectors for a multitude of compelling reasons. From disposable units to stoppers, reservoirs, fluid paths, and tube sets, we offer comprehensive system solutions from a single source. This holistic approach streamlines development and ensures seamless integration.

From scratch to production

Everything from one source

Wearable injectors and disposable parts

We understand the importance of patient mobility, and our commitment is to empower individuals with solutions that grant them the freedom to manage their health.
What can you anticipate when you embark on this transformative journey with us?


Fluid Path

  • High-precision microtechnology manufacturing
  • Needle integration by overmolding or bonding
  • Completely sealed connection of the assembly
  • Coextruded tubing: robust outer layer and inert inner layer
  • Full control of flow rate
  • Completely sterile and packaged subassemblies on request

Soft Cannula

  • Device-specific development
  • Designed to remain in patients‘ bodies for several days
  • Tightest tolerances by micro injection molding or extrusion
  • Precise assembly
  • Increase of wearing comfort
  • Reduction of pain perception

Soft Cannula in detail

Device Body & Disposable Unit

  • Customized system solutions
  • Complete unit from a single source
  • Glide-optimized reservoir stoppers
  • Customized medication reservoir
  • Integration of visual feedback

Silicone Reservoir Stoppers

  • Low gliding and friction forces
  • Low number of extractable components
  • Suitable for alle sterilization Methods
  • High freedom of design

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Tubing Sets for Off-Body Devices

RAUMEDIC is not only a great partner for on-body devices, but also for off-body devices, as it has excellent skills in producing tubing sets for these devices thanks to its know-how in extrusion.

  • Multilayer coextruded tubing sets
  • Inert inner layer and flexible outer layer
  • Kink resistant, robust and durable
  • Designed to remain in patients‘ bodies for several days

The Challenge of Developing Wearable Drug Delivery Devices

Wearable drug delivery devices can significantly improve the quality of patients life. They base on durable platform solutions and require highly advanced disposable components, to ensure that patients receive the exact required dosage of formulated drug.

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