Material Expertise

Material Expertise – The Right Material for Every Application

Our Expertise – From the Raw Material to the End Product

When dealing with human life and health, our expectations cannot be high enough. With this proposition in mind we have already been developing customer-specific, innovative solutions for the medical industry for several decades.

From the receipt of the raw materials via in-house compounding up to the end product - we work and manufacture in a closed system. Biocompatible raw materials are exclusively processed in our clean room. Our expertise in this area plays a decisive role, for example, in the development of pump tubing with an exact and long-lasting good resilience. The targeted and coordinated integration of different components into the basic matrix allows the production of various optical or functional surfaces.

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The quality of a medical product starts with the selection of a suitable material. This determines not only the functionality but also biocompatibility and ultimately the safety of your product.

RAUMEDIC AG sees itself as a development partner for our customers. We are not satisfied with merely supporting you in the selection of the right plastic for your application. We provide a complete solution from a single source.

It begins with the required permits and biocompatibility tests of our raw materials. 

“Our supplier management guarantees consistently high quality products for our customers. Therefore you benefit from our long established cooperation with regularly audited raw material suppliers and testing laboratories.”

We develop a customized formulation for your application. This material development is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations, such as the directives of the European Pharmacopeia and the FDA guidelines

This means that we are able to make the correct decisions right in the first development phase for the type of sterilization, the required chemical resistance, and the appropriate mechanical properties. 

We produce proprietary compounds from the individual formulation components. We can work additives of your choice, such as pigments or X-ray contrasting agents, homogeneously into the material and ensure low-particulate processing.

By matching suitable material combinations, additional functions such as gas barrier properties, improved compatibility with medications, antimicrobial properties, or optimized joining techniques can be implemented.

Surfaces can have their properties modified in a targeted manner. In the area of silicone, for example, we provide a Low Tack surface with reduced tackiness, better sliding properties for polyurethane catheters, as well as printed surfaces, even for silicone or hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties.

RAUMEDIC can also apply extensive plastics analysis. 

With our network of universities and institutes, we can also provide special analytics or support our customers in performance studies.

RAUMEDIC can provide extensive materials expertise. 

We will be glad to accompany you starting with the initial development phase, thus ensuring the functionality, biocompatibility, and conformity of your product.

RAUMEDIC – Everything from a single source!