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Polyurethane heat exchange mats

For decades, RAUMEDIC has had successful worldwide partnerships with manufacturers of extracorporeal systems and pumps. Based on this longtime experience, RAUMEDIC has now developed heat exchange mats made of polyurethan (PUR) for use in oxygenators and cardioplegia heat exchangers.

The new heat exchange hollow fibers made of PUR feature an approx. 25% higher thermal conductivity compared to the widely used polyethylene terephthalate (PET). In clinical applications, the greater efficiency from the high thermal conductivity coefficient of PUR enables smaller surfaces and heat exchange modules to be used. In addition, PUR has outstanding haemocompatibility, which is of great significance for the surfaces used of up to 1m². Further benefits for the clinical user and thus for the patient include lower overall mechanical blood damage, reduced priming volume and decreased pressure drop.

The geometry of the heat exchange mat can be individually adjusted to the specifications of the oxygenator or heat exchange module manufacturer. Along with the two conventional sizes with external diameters of 0.6 and 0.8 mm, all other hollow fiber diameters can be made. The hollow fiber mats can be produced in widths up to 185mm and the fiber density can be customized as well. The heat exchange mats can be used for both types of heat exchangers in which the blood flows around the outside of the hollow fibers and with equipment that carries the blood line in the interior.

Furthermore, the heat exchange material is offered in different variants. Two other versions are available in addition to the conventional heat exchange mat.

Version 1: The hollow fibers are packaged in cut lengths as a bundle. Both the length and the number of hollow fibers can be selected by the customer. This bundle can be processed directly to the corresponding heat exchange module.

Version 2: Fibers can be delivered in continuous lengths on spools. The manufacturer can process these endless fibers according to their individual requirements (in this version as well).

These versions enable new processing and design or geometric alternatives to be implemented for the oxygenator manufacturer. More effective and smaller geometrics can thereby be realized.

RAUMEDIC - a partner in cardiotechnology for over 30 years.

As a reliable development partner, RAUMEDIC continuously invests in the development and expansion of technologies. More than 15% of the employees are involved in research and development in the area of application technology, process engineering and chemistry and together they create the conditions for offering the customer innovative products.

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