Injection Systems

Painless, Safe and User-Friendly Option for Injections for Your Patients

We Know How Your Patient Feels

Many patients are afraid of hypodermic needles. In extreme cases they might even refuse the vitally important injection of drugs. Therefore, your pharmaceutical company even more urgently needs to prioritize the requirements of your patients.

RAUMEDIC will develop intelligent injection systems based on your requirements and in collaboration with you, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of your drug.

Your Syringe is Only Perfect When it has a Safety System!

Worldwide, an estimated 3.5 million needle stick injuries occur annually in doctors' offices, hospitals and in the home care field. Associated is the risk of getting infected with dangerous viral diseases such as HBV, HCV or HIV. The health and financial consequences thereof for the person infected are risk factors to be taken seriously.

In May 2013 the new EU Directive 2010/32/EU for the prevention of needle stick injuries became effective in Germany and all other EU Member States, which says that employers in the medical field must ensure that medical equipment is provided with an integrated safety mechanism.

Subsequently you will find detailed information on our RauSafe safety system.

When Manufacturing Injection Systems You will Benefit From our Experience Related to

  • Fully automated processing of cannulas
  • Siliconization
  • Direct overmolding or glueing of the needles for a secure connection
  • High process safety and 100 % in-process control for quality and cost effectiveness
  • Material expertise, e.g. for glass substitutes (COC, COP)