PVC Expertise – A Comprehensive Solution: From the Raw Material to the Production

Tradition, Innovation and Quality

PVC Compound
Pure-grade raw materials

Our PVC products are often in direct contact with human cells, tissue or organs.

That is why we only work with fully human-compatible and pure grade materials. These are constantly inspected for their compatibility and interaction.

Our awareness of our responsibility allows us to ensure the highest degree of product safety.

  • PVC extrusion since 1948
  • PVC tubing supplier for the first German heart operation in 1957
  • Development of the first soft-PVC formulation without phthalate in 1978
  • In-house compounding of medical-grade PVC
  • QM system according to ISO 13485
  • Clean room manufacturing class 7 according to ISO 14644

The grade and suitability of a PVC product for a particular application is largely dependent on the quality of its components. For this reason our formulation uses only raw materials with tested chemical, biological, and toxicological properties.

We have decades of experience in the formulation field. Through the processing of soft-PVC, we were able to set new standards in the production of in-house compounds.

The phthalate-free softener noDOP, which in the meantime has become established around the world, is just one example in this regard.

process from the incoming logistics to OEM production

The New Generation of Soft-PVC

Few materials allow their properties to be controlled in as many aspects as PVC. As a result, the image of PVC has changed significantly in recent decades.

Due to the replacement of critical components and the establishment of recycling systems, the production material has been continuously improved. It was possible to remove reservations through a continuous development of the material.

Today, soft-PVC for medical use is a modern and safe material. PVC provides excellent resilience in applications and can be easily combined with other materials. Not only does it allow precise processing, it is also highly cost-efficient.

RAUMEDIC relies on the advantages of medical soft-PVC. As member of the working groups PVC and Environment (Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt – AGPU), we are actively involved in the improvement of PVC’s sustainability.