Injection Molding

Injection Molding – High-precision Plastic Molded Parts

One-stop Development and Production of Components

Our core expertise in injection molding is the production of individual system solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The tiniest of dimensions, narrowest of tolerances and highest functional demands are requirements that we are able to master due to our experience gathered over many years.

Individuality in Consultation and Efficiency in Production

Custom-made products ask for differentiated approaches and customized advice. We take into consideration a design of molded parts that is appropriate to the injection molding technique and to the optimum cost effectiveness for manufacturing methods. Our experienced design engineers, product designers and process engineers are looking forward to meet your challenges.

We can produce your desired module in its entirety thanks to the interaction between our injection molding expertise and know-how in development, materials, extrusion and assembly.

Injection Molding - High-precision Plastic Molded Parts


Video Transcript

In the Molding/Pharma Solutions business unit, we develop and produce molded components and assemblies for companies in medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry.

In technological collaboration with our business units of  Extrusion/Tubing and Assembly/Catheters your products will be tailored to your requirements.

Our project team will accompany you from the initial idea to the finished product.

On the way we return to our internal RAUMEDIC design.

By producing prototypes, we are able to check the product concept that has been developed to see if it meets your requirements for design and functionality.

With our technological capabilities, we produce very small dimensions at very tight tolerances.

  • Injection molding of thermoplastics and silicone
  • Multi-component injection molding   
  • Insert molding
  • Overmolding

Molded parts are further processed manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically, depending on the quantity and product requirements.

One application example is the automated encapsulation or adhesion of metal cannulas, including silicone coating.

The potential applications of polymers in medical technology and pharmaceuticals are nearly unlimited.

At RAUMEDIC, we produce all of your products exclusively under clean-room conditions according to ISO 14644 Class 7. Of course, we are certified to ISO 13485.

Let your idea become our mutual challenge.