Single Lumen Tubing

Expertise in the Production of Single Lumen Tubing

Wide Processing Range in Tubing Extrusion

We extrude and process thermoplastic materials and silicone rubber in all sizes.

With 70 years of experience in manufacturing tubing and profiles for medical technology we are specialized in finding individual solutions for challenging customer requirements.

These include tubing and profiles with extremely low tolerances for pump applications as well as micro tubing for catheters and standard tubing for infusions, dialysis, ECC and gas supply.

Preparing the Formulation – From Standard Thermoplastic Product to High Performance Material

The material range comprises standard thermoplastic materials such as PVC and polyolefins, technical thermoplastics such as polyamide and polyurethane as well as silicone and high performance materials such as PEEK or PEI.

Thanks to our proven extrusion technology and corresponding tools, tubing can be manufactured with diameters measuring from 0.1 mm up to 50 mm. All tubing products are manufactured according to the customer's specifications with respect to material properties, measurements and tolerance requirements.

Customized Manufacturing

  • Variable design of surface quality, such as matt, microrough, or high gloss
  • Specific dimensions and tolerances per customer request
  • Individual dyeing, opaque or transparent, with contrasting settings
  • Welded double or triple tubing is possible, separable without burrs
  • Supplied wound on rolls or spools, pre-perforated, or with various fixed lengths
  • Customized packaging solutions