Silicone Tubing

Silicone Extrusion – Tubing With Excellent Material Characteristics for Medical Use

Advantages of tubing made of silicone for medical applications

The use of tubing made of silicone offers numerous advantages. In addition to good resistance to temperature and ageing, the material also stands the tests of extreme mechanical requirements.

Because of its high level of purity, silicone is best suited for implants and for applications in biotechnology. Due to their good resilience silicone tubes can be highly recommended as pump tubing.

Our services in the field of silicone extrusion

In the field of silicone extrusion we are able to meet a variety of customer requirements. The tubing can be manufactured with different levels of hardness. The color of the tubing can also be customized, with almost endless possibilities, ranging from a simple stripe of color and X-ray contrast stripes to completely dyeing the tubes and creating full X-ray contrast. Moreover, tubing can be manufactured within customized tolerance levels in order to modulate the product as best as possible for its subsequent application. Silicone tubing can come both as bundled products with different lengths as well as pre-cut fixed lengths. We are able to offer a wide variety of options because we only use cutting-edge technology. The products are packaged in double PE bags, so they can be introduced into the clean room later on more easily. Of course, we can also make individual adjustments here in order to fulfil your requests.

During post-production,  the surfaces can be treated using the patented "Low-Tack" process. In this process, a reduction in the surface tack is achieved. The treatment makes it possible to place customized printing on your product using ink-jet or roller printing.

Product spectrum in the field of silicone extrusion

Our product spectrum in the field of silicone includes a wide variety of different types of tubing with different dimensions.
For instance, we manufacture multilumen tubing or tubing with X-ray contrast stripes according to your requirements. Here the range extends from filigree tubing with an outer diameter that is clearly less than 1 mm up to thick walled, large-volume tubing with internal diameters of 25 mm and wall thicknesses of up to 5 mm. We are also able to manufacture braided silicone tubing for high pressure applications.