Silicone has become indispensable in medical applications. RAUMEDIC has worked with the material since the 1950s. Our early products included silicone tubing for extracorporeal circulation (ECC). Today, we use extrusion and injection molding processes to manufacture a wide range of components with the material. We are pleased to tell you why you can enjoy peace of mind when you let us handle your silicone development project. 

#1: Experience meets material advantages

RAUMEDIC has 70 years of experience and know-how in silicone processing. It’s no surprise – the advantages of the material speak for themselves:

From a medical perspective

  • High degree of purity
  • Bio/haemocompatible
  • Ideal for implants
  • Elastic and gas permeable
  • Water repellent

With regard to durability

  • Temperature resistant (-40 °C to +250 °C / -40 °F to +482 °F) 
  • Aging resistant
  • Resistant to heavy mechanical stress
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Good mechanical strength properties and strain values

In product development

  • High degree of design flexibility
  • Can be colored
  • Various degrees of transparency available
  • Outstanding sealing function
  • Can be sterilized with all common methods

#2: Only what is supposed to stick does

We developed a special surface treatment method for silicone tubing and even had it patented: After extrusion, a special coating is applied to the outer tubing surface using the Low Tack method.

Fewer impurities

The Low Tack coating reduces surface stickiness so that fewer particles can adhere to the tubing surface overall. This significantly reduces possible impurities.

Easy handling

The surface treatment with Low Tack ensures that RAUMEDIC silicone tubing has good sliding properties. It is then optimally prepared for secondary processing, assembly and packaging. 

Printing by ink jet

It can be a real challenge to print onto silicone rubber components. Thanks to Low Tack, RAUMEDIC silicone tubing can be printed by ink jet on a batch-specific basis. This is a cleaner and safer method than printing with a roller, for instance.

Stable extractable profile

With the Low Tack method, a silicate layer forms on the tubing surface that in no way impacts the extractable substances from the tubing material.

Ideal for pump applications

The low gliding force makes our Low Tack silicone tubing ideal for pump applications. The tubing is subjected to less strain at the contact point to the pump. The pumping process also reduces wear and lowers material abrasion so the silicone tubing has a longer life.

#3: Consistency without compromises

Are you seeking precise, reproducible results? Our state-of-the-art silicone extruders and injection molding equipment feature tool technology from our own patent pending, proprietary development. This ensures that we can meet the narrowest tolerances and provide consistent product properties, even if batch-to-batch variations in raw materials and formulations occur.

We specialize in the processing of medical-grade high-temperature cross-linked silicones:

High consistency silicone rubber (HCR)

  • Peroxide cross-linked silicone
  • Addition cross-linked platinum silicone

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

  • Addition cross-linked platinum silicone

Customized formulations

  • Including silicones with extremely low coefficients of friction

Learn more about our expertise in silicone processing

#4: Meeting the highest standards

Quality is the top priority for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to optimal production conditions and extensive quality controls, we can meet even the highest standards. Whether mechanical testing (incl. shore hardness, tear strength), wet chemical or biocompatibility tests (e.g. cytotoxicity, haemolysis, etc.) – we have top qualifications:

  • Manufacturing in class 7 clean room (ISO 14644)
  • Production according to ISO standards 13485 and 15378
  • FDA-registered production facility in Helmbrechts, Germany
  • In-house laboratory
  • In-house departments for quality management and regulatory affairs

#5: Anything is possible

Silicone is a versatile material that can be processed into a wide variety of forms. The medical areas of application for our silicone components therefore cover a very wide spectrum. What concepts can we put to work for you?

The sleeves made of silicone can be manufactured in different versions and are used in eye surgery

Silicone spiral tubing may be considered for different medical applications. We would be pleased to manufacture a geometry according to your specifications upon request

The uterine manipulator is used in gynecology, where the endoscope attachment also serves as a light guide

Various micro-molded silicone components feature an extremely light part weight, yet meet the highest standards with regard to geometric tolerances. The components can also be manufactured with 2K injection molding by request

Control and sealing membrane for pumps. Sealing lips and control pins were both integrated in one silicone component

Printed silicone pump tubing for the roller pump in heart-lung machines

Braided high-pressure silicone tubing with overmolded connectors for fluid handling in the pharmaceutical field

When you need silicone solutions for medical and pharmaceutical applications, you are in good hands with us. Get in touch today. We would be happy to speak with you! We are here for you!

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