Extrusion of Multilumen Tubing and Multilumen Profiles for Medical Technology

Supplier of Multilumen Tubing for Medical Applications Worldwide

Variations of multilumen tubing – manufactured by RAUMEDIC

Aside from standard tubing, RAUMEDIC develops and supplies a large variety of extrusion materials for various special applications in medical technology.

Our multilumen profile with up to 12 lumen manufactured from almost all commonly used polymeric materials are a good example for this. The tubing is configured in various ways and can thus be used for a variety of applications.

The design is not limited exclusively to multilumen tubing but also includes complex multilumen profiles. We tailor diameter, lumen geometry, material and lumen rating according to your specific requirements profile.

All required extrusion tools are always manufactured by our in-house tool-making unit.

Typical Fields of Application

Multilumen tubing is frequently used specifically for catheters and endoscopes in nutrition, drainage, urology or dialysis.

In this process, factors such as diameter, lumen geometry, material and lumen rating are individually tailored to the respective requirement. The following performance improvements can thus be achieved when compared to standard tubing:

  • Best possible flow rates are achieved
  • Administration of different medications via one access point
  • Optional stabilisation using guide wires