For special medical applications Multi-lumen tubing and profiles

As an extrusion specialist, we develop and manufacture various extrudates for several special medical applications, in addition to standard tubing. We produce tubing and profiles with up to 12 lumens from almost all common polymer materials.

Depending on customer requirements, we configure multi-lumen tubing for various applications. We tailor the diameter, lumen geometry, material, and lumen count to suit your requirements.

We offer customized designs for multi-lumen tubing and complex multi-lumen profiles. We manufacture all the extrusion dies required in our own die shop.

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Advantages of multi-lumen tubing and profiles

  • Achieving maximum flow rates
  • Applying different drugs via one access point
  • Optional stabilization through the use of guidewires

Typical Fields of Application

  • Tubes for catheters
  • Tubes for endoscopes

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