Tip- and Thermoforming

Tip Forming and Thermoforming – Re-forming Your Products

Tip Forming

RAUMEDIC has an extensive development and manufacturing expertise that can be used to implement your individual requirements for tip geometry. All standard materials and catheter sizes can be processed.

We can produce cylindrical, closed and centrally open versions of different lengths, or variants with inserts (e.g. a titanium ball for optimum recognition in CT/MRI). The flaring of flanges for subsequent connection to molded parts is also possible, under consideration of your specific requirements.

A variety of technologies are available, depending on the material to be processed

Example for thermal forming

Flaring of tube flanges.

Example of a mechanical tip forming

Forming a tip.


Example for high frequency (HF) forming

The so-called pigtail is introduced using high frequency forming.

Example for infrared (IR) forming

The tubing is rendered formable using infrared heat.

Example Thermal Forming

Thermal reforming of tubing.

We are your competent partner for thermal reforming of tubing. A variety of technologies are used, depending on the material.

We can produce two- and three-dimensional versions, for example, pigtails or spirals in a broad range of sizes and geometries.