Perforations in Medical Tubing

Individualized Perforations – Optimally Tailored to Your Product’s Requirements

If you wish to insert perforations by means of punching technology either into single or multi-lumen tubing, RAUMEDIC is able to realize your ideas. Widely varying punching geometries, such as circular, oval or rectangular holes in different sizes can be produced and specific requirements can be met. Thanks to the variety of technologies at our disposal, an almost unlimited number of options will open up.

What Kind of Punching Tools Do We Apply?

  • Mechanical cutting dies
  • Ultrasound cutting devices
  • Drilling units
  • Lasers

Together with you we will select the right procedure that is best suited for your product.

Need support? We’re happy to help.

As your partner for individual assembly or complete design and production services, RAUMEDIC has the expertise to guarantee you reliable and competent support throughout your project. Get in touch with us today. Together we can take your solution forward!

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