Assembly of Components and Tubing for the Medical Industry

Production Range for Assembly

Tubing, tubing sets, catheters and other medical modules – we provide a variety of efficient possibilities in assembly.

In the assembly section RAUMEDIC offers further processing of tubing and molded parts for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Our modern machines and equipment cover all commonly used production technologies.

Our production range includes:

  • “Simple” fixed lengths of tubing
  • Sets of tubing
  • Catheter(s)
  • Complete modules
  • Medical devices (in sterile packaging and CE certified)

For many years already we have been producing tubing set configurations tailored to the particular field of application for our customers.

  • When it comes to assembly, we can offer a variety of options.

Application Example: Colpotransilluminator With a Vacuum Hose

The example of the Colpotransilluminator with a vacuum hose, which is used to remove the uterus, clearly illustrates the various RAUMEDIC processing techniques. The tubing set consists of various components that are produced in multiple production steps.

After the first production step, the extrusion of the tubing, they are cut to length and true to size, and then glued together with various connectors. To ensure that the tubing and the connector are correctly linked together, a 100% tightness test is performed.

The components that we use are produced in-house (via extrusion or injection molding). Moreover, it is possible to obtain the standard components from suppliers or, if you wish to do so, to provide your own components.

The processing techniques of extrusion, cutting and adhering are based on tool-supported manual production.

The simple connection to the Colpoltransilluminator through the standardized suction port allows for a fast operative application. After a minimally invasive operation, the tubing set ensures a hygienic and residue-free suction of the wound secretion which is important for an optimal healing process.

You too can benefit from our processing expertise.

  • Colpotransilluminator with a vacuum hose

Production Processes that are Tailored to Your Requirements

The realization of customized product systems is subject to the number of units ordered. We are able to choose between manual, semi-automated or even fully-automated concepts in the manufacturing procedure.

At RAUMEDIC we observe your specific requirements and instructions and implement them according to current standards and official regulations.

Assembly of Components and Tubing for the Medical Industry


Video Transcript

The Assembly /Catheter business unit provides a wide spectrum of customer-specific products ranging from semi-finished components, right up to complete medical products.

“Our product portfolio includes sophisticated tubing systems and catheters which fulfill the highest technological requirements. In these systems we integrate electronic components such as pressure sensors, thermistors and also miniaturized camera systems.”

Our customers benefit from our experience. For many decades, we have been developing and producing our own accredited products and selling them directly to clinics.

Optimal production concepts are developed through close collaboration with our material specialists, our applications technicians, and our process engineers. They support our customers to produce the best possible product design for functionality and manufacturability.

We provide our customer with a range of expertise that is unique in the marketplace: 

Extrusion of tubing, injection moulding of components, and the option of processing them into complex catheters and assemblies.

Tubing and moulded components are welded or glued, printed, machined to shape, and punched or perforated. 

These are a few of the basic processes for producing medical products.

The integration of electronic components, microchips, electrodes, and memory elements is another of our essential core competencies.

The expertise that has been accumulated over decades for RAUMEDIC measurement catheters is now available for individual customer development as well.

Partially and fully automated production and assembly processes are developed and implemented to precisely meet the individual requirements of a customer project. 

The objective is a completely integrated manufacturing line, starting with the production of moulded components or tubing and the integration of automated assembly or fabrication equipment, including specific packaging.

Integrated test processes and camera inspections ensure that your needs for the highest quality level are met, even when producing large volume series.

From the idea to production of the optimal product, we support our customers. 

Benefit from our expertise. We look forward to working with you.