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Production Facts

RAUMEDIC has an area of approximately 8000 square meters of clean room to ISO 14644 class 7 standards at the headquarters in Helmbrechts and further production facilities in Feuchtwangen and Zwönitz. In January 2016 the total clean room area was extended by 1200 square meters at our new location in Mills River, NC in the USA. RAUMEDIC has a comprehensive manufacturing know-how in the fields of extrusion, injection molding and assembly for medical and pharmaceutical components and systems.

Our own design and construction department, in combination with various possibilities for the production of prototypes and pre-series parts as well as serial tools, ensure that customer ideas, are turned into economic product and production concepts. Our own material compounding facility completes the portfolio for customer-specific developments.

Since the 1950s RAUMEDIC has been extruding tubing for medical-technical applications from thermoplasts and silicone. The wide range of materials comprises thermoplastic raw materials such as PVC, PP and PUR as well as high performance polymers such as FEP, PTFE And PEEK. RAUMEDIC has a comprehensive manufacturing know-how of all extrusion techniques, e.g. mono-lumen-, multi-lumen-, and co-extrusion, as well as of more sophisticated process technologies of complex multi-lumen geometries and micro-extrusion with very small inner diameters, starting from 0.1 mm, or extremely thin wall thicknesses, starting from 0.02 mm, for micro wire sheathing.

RAUMEDIC injection molding stands for high precision and narrowest tolerances and meets the most challenging technical customer requirements. Annually, RAUMEDIC’s injection molding technique produces several millions of molded parts. The techniques of multi-component injection molding, overmolding of molded parts onto tubing and of fully-automated assembly processes enable RAUMEDIC to manufacture complete components, thus realizing customer specific ideas.

When it comes to further processing of tubing and components, RAUMEDIC has a wide range of assembly possibilities at its disposal, using all common manufacturing technologies, such as punching, printing, tip forming, thermoforming, assembling/bonding, packaging and microchip technology. The product portfolio includes plain tubing, tubing sets, catheters and electronic measuring instruments. State-of-the-art plants and fully-automated process technologies are the pillars of cost-effective production.

In close cooperation with physicians RAUMEDIC develops and manufactures high precision pressure measurement systems with microchip technology and a plethora of accessories for the indication areas of Neuromonitoring and Traumatology.

RAUMEDIC offers all from one source: the development and manufacturing of medical tubing, molded parts, components and catheters, beginning from the selection of best materials, via design and construc-tion to packaging and sterilization. We also offer support with regulatory requirements for CE certification.

Customer satisfaction and adherence to all relevant legal and official requirements are at the centre of RAUMEDIC’s approach to quality. The quality management system according to ISO 13485 serves as the basis for it.

RAUMEDIC has been investing 27.1 million US dollars to construct a new production center in the US. The new US headquarters with development center and clean room production was built in Mills River in North Carolina. Production started in January 2016 with more than 50 employees. Furthermore, RAUMEDIC was expanding its German headquarters in Helmbrechts, Bavaria in 2015, at the costs of around 26 million Euro.

Facts & Figures


Founded 2004
Trademark RAUMEDIC Created 1971
Head of Supervisory Board Dr. Reinhard Schick
Executive Board Martin Bayer
Number of Employees 700



RAUMEDIC is a leading developer and manufacturer of polymer systems and components. We are a part-ner for the medical and pharmaceutical industry globally. In close collaboration with our clients and end users in hospitals and practices we play our part in the development of innovative diagnostic and acute therapy systems. This way we contribute significantly to preserving the quality of life and to restoring health in those who have been struck ill.

We provide our customers with polymer products from extrusion, injection molding and assembly, from the initial idea to the finished component or complete medical product. At RAUMEDIC you can get comprehensive solutions – all from a single source.
In addition, RAUMEDIC develops and produces high-precision pressure measuring systems for special indications in neuromonitoring and traumatology in clinics and practices.

RAUMEDIC develops customer-specific products and manufactures at three locations in Germany and one in the USA. RAUMEDIC has its own worldwide sales network and is represented in selected markets by its own distribution companies.

For more information about the company's history, see the History section.


Martin Bayer
Chief Executive Officer

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Thomas Knechtel
Director Business Unit Systems

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Martin Schenkel
Director Operations

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Dr. Ralf Ziembinski
Director Business Unit Tubing

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