Software for the transfer of measurement data to a PC

Using the PC software RAUMED DataView, the data measured and stored on the MPR 1 DATALOGGER and the MPR2 logO DATALOGGER can be transferred to a desktop/laptop for visualization.

Requirements for installation:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 operating system
  • Installation via license code
  • PC Internet connection not necessary
  • Installation via download link or USB stick

RAUMED DataView is a documentation software that helps to transfer both, the measured and the stored data on the MPR 1 DATALOGGER and the MPR2 logO DATALOGGER onto a desktop/laptop. The software is not a medical device in the sense of the Medical Devices Act. The application is not necessary for the operation and intended use of the MPR 1 DATALOGGER and the MPR2 logO DATALOGGER.

The exported data can be managed and visualized easily in a self-explanatory way.


  • Display of ICP, temperature, ptiO2 and ART on the PC
  • Representation of the curves, the trend and the live data
  • Comparison of several curve data
  • Data export to CSV, EDF, datalogger format and .pdf
  • A detailed management system of the measured values
  • Extensive filter functions for data search
  • Creation of histograms of the data transferred
  • Entering comments for special events
  • The data of the base software that have been generated previously are transferable