We are breaking new ground and finding new ways to improve medical care worldwide with our products and services.


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About us We focus on polymer-based solutions for medical and pharmaceutical applications, as well as on products for intensive care.

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Boston (USA) •

Bio Process International
Houston (USA) •

2024 CNS Annual Meeting
San Diego (USA) •

NCS - Neurocritical Care Annual Meeting

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Hof (Germany) •

15th Engineering Colloquium at the Hof University of Applied Sciences

Outstanding final theses from the Faculty of Engineering are the focus of the annual engineering colloquium at Hof… Read more

Helmbrechts •

RAUMEDIC Announces Membership in the Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA)

RAUMEDIC is now a member of the Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA). Read more

Helmbrechts •

RAUMEDIC makes heartfelt wishes come true

RAUMEDIC supported the "Herzenswunschmobil" of the BRK district association Hof with a donation of 500 €. Read more

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