Catheter for Exact Compartment Pressure Measurement

What is the Compartment Syndrome?

Compartment syndrome is a dysfunction of the blood circulation in the muscle compartments. A muscle compartment consists of several functionally joined muscle groups that are enclosed by a membrane made from firm connective tissue (muscle fascia). Inside the compartment are also the blood vessels and nerves. Since the muscle fascia is not very flexible, swelling inside the muscle compartments caused by the lack of space leads to increased tissue pressure in the compartment so that nerves and blood vessels are constricted. Compartment syndrome causes the muscles not to get enough oxygen.

Particulars of the Compartment Pressure Measurement

Katheter OMNIBAR E5 und NPS3
OMNIBAR E5 Measuring catheter for exact measurements in patients with compartment syndrome

For diagnostic purposes, the measuring catheter can be used to measure the pressure in the compartment. The RAUMEDIC catheter OMNIBAR E5 measures the pressure inside the compartment under rest, under press, and after exposure to stress. The progression of the pressure during the stress test and afterwards confirms the diagnosis.

Reliable Display and Storage of the Measured Values

The output of the exact pressure measurements in patients with compartment syndrome is managed by the NPS2. This adapter cable transfers the measured values to the existing patient monitor. Especially if several pressure measurements are made due to the compartment syndrome, the RAUMEDIC MPR 1 DATALOGGER reliably provides and stores the different measurements in the muscle compartments.

In addition, the battery-operated, stand-alone NPS3 can be used to reliably display the measurements taken in the compartment.