Overmolding and Insert Molding

Overmolding and Insert Molding for Optimum Bonding of Materials

Overmolding and Insert Molding of Molded Parts – The Alternative to Glueing

For overmolding, we combine our expertise in extrusion and injection molding in one module. This produces an optimum bonding of the individual components when glueing is not possible.

Through overmolding of molded parts onto cannulas made of metal and plastic a high tensile load and pressure tightness can be achieved. For very small molded parts, handling is only made possible and bond strength achieved through direct overmolding.

RAUMEDIC Assumes Responsibility for Customized Modules

Our employees in the fields of extrusion and injection molding are in constant contact to ensure their activities are synchronized. The aim is to optimally fulfil customized requirements like bonding and sealant properties for the modules. Test procedures are determined at an early stage and in consultation with the customer.

Advantages of Overmolding and Insert Molding at a Glance

  • High requirements on tensile stress and pressure tightness are met
  • Automation when high quantities are produced
  • 100% camera control
  • Testing and inspection procedures according to customer’s specifications
  • Qualification and validation of tools and processes according to customer’s requirements Method of sterilization, depending on material specifications
  • Clean room ISO 14644, ISO class 7 (=10.000)
  • Quality management system according to ISO EN 13485