Multi-component Injection Molding

Multi-component Injection Molding – Optimum Bonding With Minimum Time and Labor

Combining Different Material Properties for an Ideal Solution

A large number of polymeric materials with different degrees of hardness and colors can be combined and processed in multi component injection molding.

Time and cost intensive assemblies are not required during the manufacturing process. An optimum price-performance-ratio is thus achieved, in particular for the production of large numbers of units for medical and pharmaceutical components.

Combining Thermoplastics and Silicone in One Component

In addition to the processing of a great variety of thermoplastics in multi-component injection molding, silicone injection molding is a fixed parameter in our technological portfolio. A special feature is the combination of the two procedures. We combine a hard thermoplastic component with a super-elastic soft component made of silicone.

This opens up entirely new perspectives, e.g. for medical seals or pharmaceutical dosing systems. And all this is manufactured using multi-component injection molding.

Sandwich Injection Molding – Components With Additional Functions

Multi-component injection molding allows the integration of additional functions into components. Sandwich injection molding can be used to reduce both the permeation of water vapor and oxygen through the use of two materials with different barrier properties.

Produced parts using multi-component injection molding:

  • Drug container with barrier function
  • Catheter coupling for regional anesthesia
  • Luer needle for eye surgery

Example for Multi-component Injection Molding