Optimum Bonding With Minimum Time and Labor Multi-component Injection Molding

In multi-component injection molding, we combine many polymeric materials with different degrees of hardness and colors. We thus combine various material properties into an ideal solution.

This manufacturing process eliminates time-consuming and cost-intensive assembly. We thus achieve an optimal price-performance ratio, especially when producing large quantities of medical or pharmaceutical components.

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Combination of thermoplastics and silicone

A special feature is the combination of multi-component and silicone injection molding. The duo of thermoplastic hard components and super-elastic silicone soft components opens up new perspectives, e.g. for medical sealing joints or pharmaceutical dosing systems.

Sandwich injection molding

Multi-component injection molding makes it possible to integrate additional functionality into individual components. In sandwich injection molding, the use of two materials with different barrier properties makes it possible to reduce both water vapor and oxygen permeation.

Application examples

  • Drug container with barrier function
  • Catheter coupling for regional anesthesia
  • Luer needle for eye surgery

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