Tubing With Wire Inlay Functioning as External Data Link

The Tubing as a Data Link Plays an Increasingly Important Role for Measuring Functions

During the extrusion of tubing with wire inlays, the wire (copper or steel) is integrated loosely or firmly into the tubing. The tool concept for your specific customer requirement is developed in-house by a project team. It is possible to integrate two or more wires in a tubing profile.

The applications with extruded tubing with integrated wire extend from catheters with measuring sensors to pace maker electrodes.

It is possible to use materials such as polyurethane, polyolefin, polyamide or high-temperature thermoplastics for these purposes. Large-scale comprehensive studies helped to identify various polymers for optimal adhesion involving wires.

Aside from metal wires, we also offer the option of integrating fibre glass as data links.