Polymer and Wire Co-Extrusion

Polymer and Wire Co-Extrusion

Tubing with Wire Inlays and the Coating of Wires Play an Important Role for Medical Devices with Measuring Functions

RAUMEDIC combines the use of a wide range of materials such as PA, PUR, PVC and silicone with copper and stainless steel wires, as well as nitinol or platinum alloys. We are also able to realize coatings made of high-temperature thermoplastics, such as FEP, PEEK and PTFE Moldflon™, tailored to your particular requirements.

Here we distinguish between two types of wire embedding technology:

Coated Micro Cables and Wires

  • Ultra-thin wall thickness up to 0.02 mm (depending on the wire diameter)
  • Wire diameter from 0.05 mm


  • Guide wires
  • Micro cables, e.g. for forwarding signals in catheters
  • Support wire for the extrusion of thin-walled tubing
  • Corrosion protection for wires

Wire Inlay

  • Possibility to fully embed several wires  in the tubing wall
  • Wire diameter starting from 0.05 mm
  • Dimensions and materials are fully customizable

Examples of application areas and functions:

  • Malleable suction cannulas
  • Nerve stimulation
  • Steerable endoscope
  • Signal forwarding in catheters with measuring functions

Have You Ever Heard of Intelligent Catheters?

Intelligent catheters are catheters with integrated functions which, for example, enable the measuring of specific parameters in patients. These types of catheters require tubing with data transmission features.

Examples of such parameters may include:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Oxygen content
  • pH value
  • Concentration of specified ion count
  • Measurement of metabolic parameters


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