Lay-Flat Tubing

Lay-flat tubing for infusion & nutrition bags

Clean by design. Easy to use. Customized.

RAUMEDIC lay-flat tubing is exclusively manufactured of non-PVC materials that are suited to biomedical applications. Our standard material is ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA, Ph. Eur. 3.1.7.), which is known for its high chemical inertness. Containers made of EVA are ideal for high-quality primary packaging solutions such as infusion and feeding bags for enteral and parenteral nutrition (TPN, IV nutrition feeding).

Clean by design

  • Biocompatible, highly transparent and scratch-resistant material
  • Blown film extrusion in Class 7 clean room using HEPA-filtered air for inflation
  • Made under 100% in-line machine vision inspection
  • Tube ends are closed by welding, keeping the inside of the bag hygienic, even under unwanted static electricity

Easy to use

  • Can feed high-speed, fully automated production lines, reducing cost and time in medical bag manufacturing
  • Special winding process reduces wrinkling of edges
  • Inner surface textures help the walls of the bag to separate during filling


  • Inner surface can either be smooth or textured by customizable ribbing
  • Available with RAUSORB technology to protect light-sensitive contents
  • Flexible widths from 4″ to 20″ (100 mm to 500 mm)
  • Variable wall thicknesses from 0.004″ to 0.016″ (0.10 mm to 0.40 mm)

The material of choice for medical and pharmaceutical bag production

Within the scope of type testing, biocompatibility evaluations have been performed e.g., cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5) and hemolysis (ISO 10993-4), making EVA material components a suitable option for medical bag manufacturing, e.g. IV bags.