High-Pressure Tubing – Specifically for Use in High Pressure Environments

Safety and flexibility for angiography applications provided by high-pressure tubing from RAUMEDIC

In angiography, blood vessels are made visible by means of X-rays (CT) or magnetic resonance (MRI). Thanks to these methods changes like narrowing or dilation can be recognised and treated. A contrast agent is required to make even the smallest branches of the blood vessels visible. It is injected into the body at high pressure. For the application the tubing must be able to safely resist even the highest pressures and have sufficient flexibility at the same time.
Within their wide product range RAUMEDIC offers such high-pressure tubing for applications in angiography.
Whether co-extruded or reinforced - with our products you receive the safety and flexibility you need.

Braided tubing

two different kinds of braided tubing
Braided tubing

Due to their outstanding flexibility combined with a high burst pressure, the reinforced high-pressure tubing is perfectly suited for injecting contrast agents into patients.

The following RAUMEDIC standard dimensions are available:

  • 1.85 x 3.60 mm
  • 1.85 x 3.70 mm 
  • 2.24 x 4.78 mm 

We would gladly supply you with your preferred dimensions.

Co-extruded high-pressure tubing

example of a co-extruded high-pressure tubing
Co-extruded high-pressure tubing

Co-extruded high-pressure tubing offers a lower-priced alternative to braided tubing. No compromises are made with respect to safety (i.e. burst pressure), though. Compared to reinforced tubing the double layer tubing offers increased rigidity. This makes it the ideal conduit for the physiological saline solution in angiography sets. Does your application require co-extruding tubing with increased flexibility?

We have found the solution:
Our team of specialists have developed a new two layer tubing with considerably enhanced flexibility. In terms of safety and pressure resistance it is just as reliable as standard double layer tubing and braided tubing. The RAUMEDIC standard dimension of 1.83 x 3.68 mm is available in "standard" and "flexible" variants. 

braided tubingfexible1 coextruded tubig standard coextruded tubing
Dimension1.85 x 3.70 mm1.83 x 3.68 mm1.83 x 3.68 mm
Braiding filamentPET--
Burst pressure> 1,200 psi (83 bar)> 1,200 psi (83 bar)> 1,200 psi (83 bar)
Bending siffness21.4 N2.2 N3.5 N

1 Patent pending
2 bending length 20 mm, bending angle 30°, holding time2 sec