High-Pressure Tubing

High-Pressure Tubing - specifically for high-pressure applications in medical technology

Safety and flexibility in angiography through high-pressure tubing

In angiography, blood vessels are made visible using x-rays (CT) or magnetic resonance (MRI). Thus, it is possible to identify and treat changes such as constricted vessels or dilations. A contrast agent is required in order to make visible even the smallest ramifications of the blood vessels. This agent is injected into the body at high pressure. In this application, the tubing must reliably withstand the highest pressure, but also remain flexible.

In order to ensure safe and reliable angiography for both, the physician and the patient, we also offer customized high-pressure tubing within a wide range of products. Whether co-extruded or reinforced, our modern tubing technology provides your customers with the safety and flexibility they need.

Braided tubing for the safe injection of contrast media

Thanks to its exceptional flexibility and high-pressure resistance, our high-pressure tubing is the first choice for angiography. It is ideal for injecting the contrast agent into the patient.

Due to a highly developed manufacturing process, the braided tubing is especially kink-resistant and also flexible. A monofilament made of polyester is embedded in a tube made of transparent polyurethane. This process makes the tubing especially pressure-resistant, yet flexible.

The option of a medical technology solution developed just for you is available for your individual needs and wishes. If you do not want individualized manufacturing of high-pressure tubing, we also offer the following standard variants:

  • 0.073’’ x 0.142’’ (1.85 mm x 3.60 mm)
  • 0.073’’ x 0.146’’ (1.85 mm x 3.70 mm)
  • 0.088’’ x 0.188’’ (2.24 mm x 4.78 mm)

The coextruded high-pressure tubing combines safety and quality

Coextruded high-pressure tubing is required in medical technology, when a more transparent alternative to braided tubing is sought. Thanks to the design without reinforcement, this tubing has particularly good transparency. As a result, it offers ideal conditions for the use of flow sensors and air bubble detectors.

This coextruded high-pressure tubing is manufactured in a single production process and is thus the most cost-effective variant. Nevertheless, no compromises have to be made regarding safety (e.g., burst pressure) and kink resistance. With our coextruded high-pressure tubing, you can rely on high-quality processing!

Compared to reinforced tubes, this dual-layer tubing is somewhat stiffer when injecting contrast media. If you need coextruded tubing with increased flexibility for your medical application, however, we also have a very good solution that will meet your requirements. Our tubing technology specialists have developed some much more flexible dual-layer tubing for the use in angiography. Naturally, this tubing is as reliable as our other high-pressure hoses with regard to safety and pressure resistance

We want you to get the perfect product for your application. That is why we like to realize this product together with you. Please contact us!

 braided tubingflexible1 coextruded tubing standard coextruded tubing

0.073’’ x 0.146’’

(1.85 mm x 3.70 mm)

0.072’’ x 0.145’’

(1.83 mm x 3.68 mm)

0.072’’ x 0.145’’

(1.83 mm x 3.68 mm)

Braiding filamentPET--
Burst pressure> 1,200 psi (83 bar)> 1,200 psi (83 bar)> 1,200 psi (83 bar)
Make-upspool or cut lengthcut lengthcut length

1 Patent pending

More interesting facts about further processing

Connectors that can be easily attached to RAUMEDIC high-pressure tubing turn out to be of real advantage. They can be bonded to various connectors using any common solvents and reactive adhesives. Of course, corresponding connectors can also be injected directly onto the hose by way of injection molding. So, our high-pressure tubing can be integrated into your end product easily and without problems.