Heat Exchange Mat

RAUMEDIC Polyurethane Heat Exchange Mat

For Oxygenators in ECC, ECMO and Cardioplegics

For decades RAUMEDIC tubing has proven its value in systems and pumps for extracorporeal circulation (ECC). Back in 1957, we delivered our PVC and silicone tubing for the first German heart surgery, where a heart-lung machine was used.

We have added another component to our ECC portfolio. Our expertise can now be found inside of oxygenators as well – in the form of a heat exchange mat.

The RAUMEDIC heat exchange mat is made of polyurethane (PUR), a blood-compatible material. Compared to PET, which has been frequently used for this application so far, the heat conductivity of the hollow fibers is about 25 % higher, which means higher efficiency as well.

Ask your preferred oxygenator manufacturer about “RAUMEDIC Inside”.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Exceptional blood compatibility
  • Blood flow is possible both inside or outside of the hollow fibers
  • PUR’s higher heat conductivity coefficient allows for shorter unit size
  • Lower priming volume and smaller pressure drop
  • Adjustable mat structure
  • Customized mat widths available – any width up to 185 mm
  • Alongside the two most common dimensions with outside diameters (OD) of 0.6 and 0.8 mm, all other hollow fiber diameters can also be manufactured.

Packaging Options

As another unique feature, we offer two other packaging options besides the mat. This allows for the implementation of new processing options.

Mat rolled on spools, customized to your requirements.

Fibers as fixed lengths (bundled).
Both, the length of the hollow fibers and their number, can be freely chosen by the customer. The module can be constructed directly from this bundle.

Hollow fibers by the meter, rolled on spools for individual processing by the oxygenator manufacturer.