Development Process for Creating Customized Products

From the Initial Customer Idea Through to the Series Production in Accordance with Specifications

Our research and development department is happy to advise you, starting with the production of initial prototypes, material selection, construction and design layout through to the finished product and manufacturing concept.

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    We continually carry out basic research in order to broaden our own expertise. As part of this, we are always on the lookout for materials, formulations and products in order to improve custom developments. In addition to our own expertise, we also rely on our partners.

    We cooperate with independent institutes and universities on a national and international level.

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    In terms of medical products, it is important at all times to be proficient in market developments and legal requirements. When it comes to implementation, extensive knowledge in these areas results in significantly reduced costs and improved budget planning.

    We help you to turn your product idea into a market-oriented reality.

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    Whatever practical problems may arise, our implementation technique will remove all difficulties from your path and create a product concept. Our drive is the continued improvement of our concepts in terms of properties, quality, economic soundness and ecology – thus satisfying the highest of demands.

    From the initial idea through to series production, our team stands at your side.

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    Our engineers and product designer are looking after the functional and geometrical design capabilities of single components or assemblies, static and dynamic stress analyses as well as tool design and simulation.

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    Implementation of a speedy and efficient prototype construction can lead to a considerable reduction in terms of time and money. Through prototyping, we offer the possibility of manufacturing designs and small batches quickly and economically. Concept models, design prototypes and functional prototypes can be produced for the individual steps of development.

    We provide all well-established processes such as stereolithography, laser sintering, vacuum casting and 3D printing. In addition to this, we can also manufacture prototypes for you from aluminium and pilot moulds.

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    From the very beginning of a development process, the product design and manufacturing concept should be viewed as one and the same. Production under the strictest hygienic conditions is as important as the economic soundness, environmental compatibility, quality philosophy or the resource efficiency.

    Throughout the entire process, we aim for a harmonious and well thought-out overall concept. In line with the requirements, we provide manual, half-automated or fully-automated manufacturing concepts.

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    Building on 60 years of experience in the manufacture of medical products, RAUMEDIC realises a systematic manufacture concept and control function. In the areas of extrusion, precision injection moulding and assembly, we have become a major partner of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Our clean rooms meet requirements in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644, Class 7.

    We are careful to improve factors such as the quality or economic viability of the production process on a continual basis.

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    We turn your product into a reality in line with your individual requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

    From the idea through to the finished product – everything from a single source.