Integration of Electronic Components

Integration of Electronic Components

Years of Practical Experience in the Field of Active and Passive Medical Products Have Brought Forward New Ideas

Thanks to the continuous development of new technologies we are able to incorporate electronic components such as microchips, storage devices and cameras info catheter systems.

Highest precision and high user-friendliness are always in the focus at RAUMEDIC . Together with our customers we develop and manufacture catheters and systems in line with market requirements.

High-Tech Solutions

One example of our know-how is a probe that is used in oncology for locating and treating prostate cancer. The micro cables are drawn into the polyurethane tube. A connection is made with an electronic component at the application end and with a plug at the equipment end.

A number of different production techniques are used here, for example, crimping and soldering. The electronic components are then coated.

The tumour tissue can be irradiated more rapidly and accurately in the final application through the connection of one catheter with these electronic components.

Central to this are both, the minimization of patient stress and a more effective and thus more economic use of the radiation unit.

The RAUMEDIC CE-certified catheters include other examples of the integration of electronic components. These catheters can be used to make measurements on temperature, pressure and oxygen.

You can find more information on these catheters under clinical applications and practice.

  • Probe for locating and treating prostate cancer
  • More rapid and accurate irradiation of the tumour tissue