Datalogger and EASY logO

DATALOGGER and EASY logO for Neuromonitoring

Large Memory – Minimal Weight

RAUMEDIC developed the MPR 1 DATALOGGER and the MPR2 logO DATALOGGER to record, analyse and display neuromonitoring data. Both DATALOGGERs are simple to operate and very light weight. DATALOGGERs have a large memory capacity, two analogue outputs and a USB interface.

In addition, we offer the EASY logO for the sole purpose of data display of physiological parameters. While the EASY logO will not store the measured values, these values may be forwarded to the patient monitor in the hospital via two analogue outputs. The EASY logO is simple to operate and light weight.

Uses of DATALOGGER and EASY logO

In addition to its traditional use as a monitoring device, the MPR 1 DATALOGGER is also used in RAUMEDIC’s telemetric pressure applications. The MPR 1 DATALOGGER measures and displays ICP (intracranial pressure) as well as temperature during the wired measurement and ICP during the wireless, telemetric measurement. The MPR 1 DATALOGGER stores the measured values directly in the device and enables extensive data examination.

The MPR2 logO DATALOGGER does not only record ICP and temperature, but also oxygen partial pressure and stores the values in the device. Thereby the MPR2 logO DATALOGGER allows a comprehensive analysis of stored parameters.

EASY logO can be used for mere data display the ICP, the temperature and the oxygen partial pressure. Storing the measured values in the device is not possible.

RAUMEDIC offers the full range of cable accessories for DATALOGGER and EASY logO. This enables the transfer of pressure measurement values (ICP and oxygen partial pressure) to the patient monitor in the hospital. With the related software RAUMED DataView it is possible to visualise and archive the saved parameters from the DATALOGGER directly on the PC.

Current ICM+ users may take advantage of direct compatibility with RAUMEDIC’s MPR 1 DATALOGGER and MPR2 logO DATALOGGER.