Mission Statement – Value for Your Products for the Benefit of Patients

Our Goal – Now and in the Future

RAUMEDIC is a leading developer and manufacturer of systems and components. In addition to this, we are a partner for the global medical and pharmaceutical industry. Through the development of innovative diagnostic and acute therapy systems, we contribute significantly to preserving the quality of life and to restoring health in those who have been struck ill.

What Do We Do to Reach Our Goals?

In no other industry do reliability, precision and material quality go hand in hand with people’s health than in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. For this very reason, we transfer our decades of experience to products that have to meet the highest of standards and that continually set higher benchmarks in terms of quality.

In doing so, we follow the demands and expectations of our customers. Their satisfaction with our quality of service represents the primary focus of our work. As a modern company, we are conscious of our ethical, social and sustainable responsibility, which we integrate in to our activities.