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Our contact persons will be happy to answer any questions about the application process or career opportunities at RAUMEDIC.

Christina Hechtfischer

Head Office and Global contact

Phone +49 9252 359-1013
Opens window for sending emailChristina.Hechtfischer(at)RAUMEDIC.com

Walter Reingruber

Contact for apprenticeship, combination studies, and production

Phone +49 9252 359-1886
Opens window for sending emailWalter.Reingruber(at)RAUMEDIC.com

Sebastian Rott

Contact for college students and traineeship

Phone +49 9252 359-1883
Opens window for sending emailSebastian.Rott(at)RAUMEDIC.com

Head Office address

Hermann-Staudinger-Straße 2
95233 Helmbrechts
Phone +49 92 52 359-2246