Measurement of Oxygen Partial Pressure in the Brain

Importance of Measuring Oxygen Partial Pressure

After a primary cerebral damage to the brain caused by a traumatic event e.g. through an accident or subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAB), there is a high risk of secondary damage to the brain tissue. Cerebral oxygen deficiency is regarded as the main cause for this. In most patients the elevated ICP (intracranial pressure) negatively impacts the cerebral perfusion and can therefore cause cerebral ischemia. This temporary or permanent disproportion between the brain tissue's oxygen supply and oxygen demand can cause tissue damage and possible necrosis.

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Measurement Location of Oxygen Partial Pressure

The RAUMEDIC NEUROVENT-PTO measures the oxygen partial pressure of the available oxygen in the brain tissue.

At the same time, the parenchyma pressure and the temperature are measured in one measuring catheter. Consequently, the NEUROVENT-PTO provides information about three parameters: the ICP (intracranial pressure), the temperature, and the oxygen partial pressure, all in one catheter.

The unique design of NEUROVENT-PTO 2L provides measurement of these three parameters for craniotomies. Furthermore, the NEUROVENT-PTO 2L BOLT can be used with the 2 lumen bolt BOLT KIT PTO 2L. This allows the measurement of ICP, temperature, and oxygen partial pressure in addition to microdialysis parameters through a single access port. Depending on the indication, it is also possible to use the NEUROVENT-TO to measure the temperature and oxygen partial pressure in the brain tissue.

Recording and Storing of the Oxygen Measurement Values

In addition to the general advantages of the RAUMEDIC measuring catheters NEUROVENT-PTO and NEUROVENT-TO, the oxygen sensor does not change the oxygen content in the brain tissue during measurement of the oxygen partial pressure. The simple and reliable display of the oxygen partial pressure, ICP and temperature measurement values is possible at any time using the EASY logO. However, measurement values cannot be stored in this device.

The MPR2 logO DATALOGGER as well as the RAUMED NeuroSmart logO is available to simultaneously record and store the oxygen partial pressure, ICP and temperature measurement values.

Products for Measurement of Oxygen Partial Pressure


Parenchymal ICP, temperature and oxygen partial pressure measurement


Parenchyma temperature and oxygen partial pressure measurement


Unique catheter for craniotomies which measures ICP, temperature and ptiO2.


Similar measuring catheter like NEUROVENT-PTO 2L with application of BOLT KIT PTO-2L and a microdialysis catheter.

RAUMED NeuroSmart logO

for data acquisition and storage of ICP, ICT and ptiO2


for data acquisition and storage of ICP, ICT and ptiO2


Recording the partial pressure of oxygen using the EASY logO

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