RAUMEDIC Cupcake Simplified gingival retraction process

A tangible advance for dentists and patients worldwide: The “RAUMEDIC cupcake” gingival expander facilitates the preparation of dental reconstructions.

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Straightforward sleeve technology

Gingival retraction methods are used in dentistry to make epigingival or subgingival preparation margins temporarily accessible. The gums are dilated after periodontal pretreatment. This allows impression materials to be attached to exposed or isolated tooth areas to the best possible extent.

The “RAUMEDIC cupcake” gingival expander simplifies the treatment. Inserting the cupcake, a sleeve that can be precisely placed, is much less complicated and time-consuming than the conventional two-thread method.

The conventional two-thread technique is particularly time-consuming. For the complicated placement of threads alone, dentists in Germany spend an estimated 900,000 hours each year.

The medical gingival expander “RAUMEDIC cupcake” minimizes the time required from dentists and patients and reduces the risk of injuries and infections.

Reduced effort and more safety

  • Savings in cost and time
  • No time-consuming application of retraction threads: up to 50 times faster than the two-thread method
  • Minimizing risk: no damage to the gums or subsequent infections
  • Efficiency: Simple and ready for immediate use, also in combination with an intraoral scanner
  • Precise impression-taking after opening the gingival sulcus

Four steps to precise impression-taking

After grinding, set up on the ground tooth/tooth stump

Exposing the sulcus by occlusion

Removing the RAUMEDIC cupcake

Rounding off the impression material and taking the impression

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