We take responsibility for people and the environment Sustaina­bility at RAUMEDIC

RAUMEDIC is committed to ecological, economic and social sustainability. As a CDMO for polymeric components for medical and pharmaceutical applications, we help customers reduce the carbon footprint of their upstream supply chain. 

This is how we do it:

Ahead of the curve with RAUMEDIC

Sustainability Milestones: 
Making Medical Technology Sustainable

Biopolymeric Products CO2 saving potential with Green Product Prototypes

We develop your product ideas based on biopolymers, derived from renewable raw materials as an alternative to fossil-based polymers.

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Renewable Energy Center 85% less CO2 emissions from heating

Biomass heating plant (under construction) and about 2500 solar panels, supplying RAUMEDIC’s headquarters with renewably generated energy.

ISCC PLUS materials Same product, lower carbon footprint?

Existing products remain chemically equivalent (supported by a “Declaration of Equivalence”), but have a lower footprint – thanks to a seamless switch to ISCC PLUS certified drop-in biopolymers. 

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Our three pillars of sustainability

At RAUMEDIC, sustainability is more than a goal—it's a guiding principle. Our holistic approach revolves around three pillars: ecology, economy, and social responsibility. By integrating these elements, we strive to achieve a balanced and sustainable future.

Our dedication to these principles has been recognized with the prestigious EcoVadis Silver label, highlighting our commitment to sustainable practices across all facets of our business.

"For us, sustainable action is not a trend, it is a fundamental conviction of our company and one of the most important drivers of future innovation. Therefore, we see it as our task, together with our customers, to act in a way that conserves resources, protects the environment and is socially committed to future generations."

Stefan Seuferling, CEO RAUMEDIC AG


Carbon Footprint Reduction: Creating Sustainable Value – for the Planet and our Customers 

In the age of sustainability, carbon footprint reduction is not merely a moral activity for keeping the planet healthy for all future generations. It is also prerequisite for good business. 

RAUMEDIC offers footprint optimized, sustainable polymeric components for medical and pharmaceutical components and applications. 

Our approach is largely based on two pillars: Using sustainable materials to replace fossil materials and generating renewable energy through RAUMEDIC-owned biomass and solar energy systems at our headquarters.

1. Sustainable Materials, Reduced Carbon Footprint

We prioritize the development and use of sustainable materials to minimize environmental impact and reduce product carbon footprints. By integrating bio-based and bio-circular polymers into our material portfolio, we offer more sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics – therefore more sustainable solutions for our products.

ISCC PLUS Materials

We manufacture chemically identical (!) components with ISCC PLUS materials (drop-in biopolymers) – and replace your existing fossil-based components.

Green Product Development

RAUMEDIC’s materials experts will also seek novel biopolymers to develop biopolymeric products that fit the purpose of your application.

Which approach is best for you?

Download the flyer to see how RAUMEDIC would work with you to reduce the carbon footprint of polymeric components in your supply chain.

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2. Producing renewable energy locally and mitigating energy risks

By generating our own renewable energy from sustainable sources, customers don’t just benefit from reduced emissions in their supply chain. More than that, diversified energy production enhances resilience by stabilizing energy costs and reducing reliance on external energy sources, ensuring consistent and sustainable energy supply even in fluctuating market conditions.

On-site Energy Center

Our biomass heating plant (under construction) provides supply security through regional partnerships, long-term price stability, and an annual reduction of approximately 1,800 tons of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to the yearly emissions of about 41 four-person households.

Solar Energy Production

With the additional installation of 2,500+ solar panels on the roof of one of the production buildings, approximately 880,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity can be generated annually, which is roughly equivalent to the yearly consumption of 220 four-person households.


Active Energy Management for Sustainable Growth

Our economic sustainability is underpinned by a focus on active energy management. We leverage our advanced technologies and deep expertise to enhance eciciency and drive sustainable growth, ensuring our operations are both economically and environmentally responsible.

Sustainable use of our technologies and competencies

By combining the latest energy efficient processes for the processing of plastics with our expertise in mold making and assembly, we ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the production of complex plastic components. In doing so, we can draw on over 70 years of experience.

Systematic energy management according to ISO 50001

By implementing sustainable energy management systems per DIN EN ISO 50001, we enhance environmental and climate protection. Continuous improvements in production and equipment have optimized our energy use, saving 5.8 million kWh since implementation, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable growth

RAUMEDIC as a family business, does not focus on short-term profits, but on sustainable, profitable growth.

Social Issues

Empowering People Through Active Engagement

We recognize that our success is deeply connected to the well-being of our employees and the communities we serve. Our focus on social issues encompasses secure job opportunities, extensive training programs, equal opportunities, and active social commitment, ensuring that our growth benefits everyone involved.

Secure jobs and an extensive training program

Long-term partnerships are important to us not only with our customers, but also with our employees. They have access to a wide range of ongoing training, strengthening professional competence and ocering personal development.

Equal opportunities

RAUMEDIC promotes diversity of people and perspectives. Through dicerent genders, nationalities, ages, cultures, and experiences, we create unique solutions for our customers.

Social commitment

We assume responsibility for our employees at all our sites worldwide and are committed to social projects.

RAUMEDIC turns words into deeds:

  • Awarded the ecovadis label in the silver category
  • Affiliated company REHAU as part of the initiative 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders
  • Savings of > 3.25 million kWh of electricity in the last seven years
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 1,300 tons in the last seven years
  • Reduction of waste per kilogram produced by 35% in the last three years

  • Products according to ecodesign approaches
  • 8,000 m² of flower meadows and wild fields on the company premises
  • Electromobility
  • Bicycle leasing for employees
  • Sustainable donations and sponsoring concept

Memberships and Certificates

EcoVadis label: Silver Category

Since its foundation in 2007, EcoVadis has become the world's largest and most reliable provider of sustainability ratings for companies and has created a global network of more than 130,000 rated companies. 

RAUMEDIC has been awarded Silver, which only the top 15% of companies rated by EcoVadis receive.



RAUMEDIC AG is proud to have received ISCC PLUS certification, which underlines our commitment to sustainable and climate-friendly supply chains. ISCC PLUS is a voluntary certification system that applies to the bioeconomy and circular economy for food, feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles and renewable raw materials. With this certification, we meet the high sustainability requirements for our products and processes that are expected by our customers and partners. We are convinced that ISCC PLUS is an important step in realizing our vision of a healthy and livable future for all.

MEMBER OF Sustainability Circle


Certified DEKRA Energy Management

ISO 50001

Certified DEKRA Environmental Management

ISO 14001