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VariCoat® Wire Coating Solutions

With VariCoat®, RAUMEDIC fulfills the widest range of requirements for state-of-the-art medical technology. No matter whether wires, braids or fibers are required for the job – the coating added during the VariCoat® process produces a complete, even and highly durable surface that can be made up of a range of polymeric materials.

The new single-step process

Under controlled clean room conditions, we extrude the melted polymer directly onto the wire, braid or fiber in cutting-edge micro-extrusion technology. In this single-step process, the coating and the substrate are subjected to strain just once.

  • Homogeneous, pinhole-free and extremely smooth surface structures
  • Concentric coating of the substrate
  • Uniform layer thicknesses
  • No material flaking
  • Customized degree of bond strength

Variable coatings

No matter whether the job involves high-temperature polymers, technical polymers or standard polymers that come in a range of layer thicknesses and colors – the coating possibilities are nearly unlimited. Our material experts draw on a large variety of PFOA-free, medical-grade plastics and select the one that is best suited for your application.

Fluoropolymers with excellent sliding properties
Thermoplastic PTFE
PEEK (amorphous, crystalline)

Working as medical guidewires, electrodes for pain therapy or light guides – coated wires, braids and fibers are used in many different ways in medicine.

Variable substrates

Diversity is also what substrates are all about. The VariCoat® process can apply a layer of polymer to wires and braids made from conductive metallic materials as well as to synthetic fibers.

Wires and braids
Stainless steel
(Silver-coated) copper
Other metallic alloys
Polyaramides, e.g., Kevlar
Glass fibers

The VariCoat® product line is broad as both conductive and non-conductive substrates can be coated with medical-grade plastics.

Variable application areas

Our VariCoat® product range is extremely versatile and meets the most diverse requirements for modern medical technology. But which are the specific application areas for plastic-coated wires in medicine? 

As a signal cable for electronic hearing prostheses like cochlea implants

As a component of mapping catheters that are used for electrophysiological examinations in cardiology

As peripheral guidewires for catheters used during minimally invasive urological procedures

For neurosurgical procedures like deep-brain stimulation to relieve movement disorders

For sacral nerves stimulation to treat incontinence disorders related to the colon or bladder

As electrodes in neuromodulation, including for spinal cord stimulation

Quality for the good of the patient

Patient safety is our main priority. For this reason, we focus on our high quality standards when we talk about wire coatings with VariCoat®:

  • The wire coating is applied in a Class 7 clean room (ISO 14644).
    • Germ and particle concentrations remain very low as a result.
    • An additional cleaning step is not required before secondary processing begins.
  • RAUMEDIC manufactures its products in accordance with ISO 13485 and 15378.
  • High-voltage and insulation inspection systems check the coating for homogeneity and completeness.
  • Eccentricity, layer-thickness, diameter and ovality measurement systems ensure that the wire is properly positioned.
  • Extremely thin layer thicknesses make it possible to create the smallest-possible outer diameters – for patient-friendly procedures.
  • RAUMEDIC inspects all incoming raw materials.
  • If a customer desires, we will also conduct chemical and mechanical tests before shipping.

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Did you know?

VariCoat® is also the process of choice when extremely thin-walled tubes are required in medical technology. In this case, the internal wire serves as an assembly aid to manufacture components like PTFE liners.