Temperature Measurement

Measurement of Temperature in the Brain

Importance of Temperature Measurement

Aside from monitoring the ICP (intracranial pressure), the measuring of the temperature is an additonal parameter used to monitor patients subject to intensive neurosurgical monitoring.

The temperature in the brain is different from the body’s core temperature. By measuring the temperature, inflammatory processes and dangerous temperature increases in the brain can be detected early on. In addition, the monitored measurement of the temperature difference between the temperature in the brain and the body provides additional information about the brain’s intact thermoregulation.

Locations Where Temperature is Measured

The temperature function is, in addition to the ICP (intracranial pressure) integrated in many versions of our RAUMEDIC measuring catheter. The temperature can be measured at different locations in the brain.

For the parenchyma temperature measurement, the measuring catheter NEUROVENT-P-TEMP measures the pressure directly in the brain tissue. In addition to the ICP (intracranial pressure), the temperature is measured in the parenchyma.

Our NEUROVENT-TEMP catheter comes in many different versions for measuring the temperature, the ICP (intracranial pressure) and the drainage of the ventricles. Due to the additional drainage function of the ventricular measuring catheter, excess cerebrospinal fluid is drained from the ventricles. This implantation is facilitated by various application tools such as a stylet or guide wire.