An eye on key vital functions at all times

In neurocritical or neurointensive care, the monitoring of the physiological vital functions of patients plays a central role. The DATALOGGER devices from RAUMEDIC are the comprehensive monitoring solution for this. They enable the display and long-term storage of the measured intracranial pressure (ICP), intracranial temperature (ICT) and oxygen partial pressure (ptiO2).

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Data storage and analysis including oxygen partial pressure

The MPR2 logO DATALOGGER records and stores the ICPtemperature and oxygen partial pressure and allows a comprehensive analysis.

The MPR2 logO DATALOGGER has various screen modes to display curve and trend graphs, among other things, as well as a USB interface. In addition, the measured values can be transferred to the patient monitor via two analog outputs.

Data Acquisition and Applications

Acquisition of ICP, temperature and oxygen partial pressure measurement values is accomplished easily and reliably by using RAUMEDIC`s EASY logO. The EASY logO is simple to use and light weight. RAUMEDIC offers the compatible cables to transfer the ICP and oxygen partial pressure values to the patient monitor.

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