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5 Recent Trends in the Market of Drug Delivery Systems

The medical manufacturing companies always need to keep an eye on the big trends in the market of drug delivery systems. The personal conversations are rising in the medical tech industry this year as the renowned expositions are taking place again. What medtech trends move the markets? What challenges do the medtech developers face? This are the recent trends, the industry of injectable drug delivery systems is dealing with.

By Andreas Kirchbach,

1. The trend to Ultra Deep Freeze Drug Delivery systems

In contrast to conventional vaccines, modern mRNA vaccines have to be stored and transported at particularly cold temperatures. In order to ensure the chemical stability of the famous COVID mRNA vaccines, temperatures of down to -70°C were required, depending on the vaccine manufacturer.

These extreme temperature ranges place the highest demands on the primary and secondary packaging of the vaccines. The medical tech manufacturers are faced with the great challenge of further optimizing the injection systems and drug delivery devices.

The required materials need to withstand the extreme temperature ranges without causing interactions in contact with the vaccine or impairments in the handling of the injection system.

Silicone ist the material that might profit from the trend to Ultra Deep Freeze Drug Delivery systems. The physiologically harmless material offers numerous advantages and permanently withstands low temperatures down to -90°C.

Raumedic is a medical syringe manufacturer who provides injection molded syringe systems and individual components for third-party syringe systems.

Companies that manufacture syringes can upgrade their syringe systems with our custom-fit silicone syringe stoppers and silicone syringe plungers. The Raumedic silicone syringe plungers can improve the syringe handling, the dosage control and hold up to Ultra Deep Freeze Temperatures.

2. Drug Delivery systems: The homecare trend continues

Homecare describes the care and therapy of patients in their home environment, in nursing homes or retirement homes. The globally increasing life expectancy and the growing population suggest the healthcare sector to continue to grow.

Raumedic is taking part by supporting medical device companies in development and manufacturing from early stage on. As medical tubing manufacturer and catheter manufacturer, our products are used in many homecare systems:

  • Enteral nutrition
  • Infusion therapy
  • Neuromonitoring
  • Artifical Respiration

The clear trend in the market that patients prefer home care therapy options remains unbroken. The shift from hospitals into the private sector requires adapted product solutions from the medical device and drug delivery companies.

Digitization is finding its way here as well and brings innovative technology in healthcare. Thanks to modern sensor technology in healthcare and digital solutions, patients are no longer necessarily tied to the hospital bed. Small, portable medical devices make this possible. The continuous data acquisition takes place via sensor. The home environment and the freedom of movement can give patients back a piece of normality and quality of life.

3. Wearable drug delivery systems are trending

The homecare trend is also driving the further development of wearable drug delivery systems. Wearables are portable medical devices. A common form of wearables are the insulin pumps known from diabetes therapy.

Raumedic as a top medical device manufacturer is able to intergrate tubing and fluid paths perfectly in small medical devices and drug delivery products. As a OEM medical device manufacturer, Raumedic considers the whole system right from the start.

      The development and medical device production of Raumedic drug delivery systems contains:

      • Aesthetic and functional medical device design
      • Medical device assembly capacities
      • The density and flow of the fluid path
      • Safe and comfortable soft cannullas
      • Connecting polymer tubing and moulded parts

      The pharmaceutical industry improves therapies steadily to increase the patients comfort. Medical drug delivery devices are becoming smaller and less noticable, thanks to modern sensors and technics. This trend brings more freedom of movement for the patient.  It makes therapies a less dominant topic in patients' lives and has a positive effect on the general well-being of the patient.

      4. The ongoing trend to smart drug delivery systems

      Digitization is taking place in all industries. Smart medical technologies create smart drug delivery systems. State-of-the-art sensors and electronics bring completely new possibilities in medical technology and transform standard components into smart components.

      Smart drug delivery systems offer:

      • Higher functionality
      • Higher user-friendliness
      • Collecting and evaluation of data
      • Monitoring of vital functions and measured data

      Raumedic integrates electronics in tubing or injection molded parts already during the production process. In this way, the medical tube itself becomes a data conductor. For the special >>extra<< in tubing systems, Raumedic offers innovative connectors that can evaluate data and parameters at any point.

      5. The trend to sustainability in drug delivery systems

      Sustainability is a omnipresent and long-term goal. Medical devices manufacturers who develop drug delivery systems can primarily influence the usage of resources and the reduction of emissions. This can be represented by natural ingredients, prudent use of resources or environmentally friendly packaging. But what specifically makes a product sustainable? This is different for each drug delivery system.

      Sustainability in general is based on a three-pillar model:

      • Ecology
      • Economy
      • Social affairs

      The medical technology and drug delivery industry can also make a contribution to reducing emissions. Due to the obligation to report on sustainability in accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive ( CSRD ), the focus on the topic of sustainability will certainly become even greater in the coming years.

      Measures for sustainable products must therefore be considered holistically for the entire medtech production. This applies to all areas of the industry, from purchasing materials to energy policy and recycling.

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