SILEFIN – Durable Bonding of Nonpolar Thermoplasts with Silicone

Polyolefins as nonpolar thermoplasts can be combined with a silicone elastomer, thus forming an innovative adhesive bond

The composite, consisting of hard thermoplasts and soft thermoplastic elastomers, is already a reality in a great number of components. But more than often compromises have to be made at the expense of the long-term behavior and the resilience of the soft component. This is exactly where RAUMEDIC has succeeded in taking a significant step forward.

Injection molded and co-extruded hard-soft-plastics-combinations have already been state-of- the-art technology for a long time. Thanks to a new development it is now possible to combine polyolefins as nonpolar thermoplasts with a silicone elastomer to an innovative adhesive bond.

This opens up the way for innovative coextruded tubing, which combines - according to application and requirement - the best properties of silicone and poleolefins and enables a variable layer structure. With a PP-layer, for example, a pronounced hydrophoby as well as low gas permeability can be ensured. At the same time, with an additional silicone layer you will hardly have any interaction with the flow-through medium thanks to its excellent chemical resistence.

Furthermore, it is quite conceivable in the future to overmold sealing elements or valves directly to the surrounding polyolefin component. This would not only simplify medical components or pharmaceutical dosing systems, but would also enhance product safety.

As your development partner for the medical and pharmaceutical industries we can realize customized products for you.

The new development combines the positive properties of silicone and of polyolefins

Benefits of SILEFIN

  • Innovative bond adhesion
  • Variable sequence of silicone and thermoplast 

Versatility due to combined properties:

  • Biocompatibility and chemical resistance
  • Minimal migration of additives
  • No contamination of flow-through media
  • Integrated gas barrier
  • Better connectivity