Assembly Technology

Assembly Technology – Individual Concepts for Further Processing

Our Range of Services

Our portfolio for assembly techniques includes welding, glueing or purely mechanical joining techniques next to printing, forming, the insertion of punched holes as well as perforations.

Further to conventional techniques for finishing, the integration of electronic components, microchips, electrodes and storage devices is another core capability at RAUMEDIC.

The medical intended purpose has absolute priority in the selection of the procedures and the use of means of production and materials in the manufacturing process.

Manual, Partially Automated or Automated Assembly Processes

We can offer the optimum production concept for any requirement. Ranging from manual via semi-automated to fully automated assembly and production lines, RAUMEDIC presents solutions that are efficient and use reliable processes. The technical realization and the plant concepts are tailored to your requirements and to the capacity that is needed.

Greater Service for Better Cooperation

The marketing authorization requirements, e.g. the standards and regulations that are governing a medical device, are kept in mind throughout the entire manufacturing procedure. Integrated tests help to maintain and guarantee the high quality and to optimize the cost effectiveness of manufacturing bulk quantities.

Our project team will be in constant contact with you right through to approval for series production, in order to achieve best possible results. It goes without saying that we use qualification and validation processes according to the latest standards.