Pharma Packaging

A Drug is Only as Good as its Packaging Permits

How secure are your packaging materials?

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has been developing drugs that are increasingly sensitive. In order to protect these active ingredients, pharmaceutical packaging requirements were consistently increasing, too. Thanks to our comprehensive material and process expertise we develop packaging solutions for you that are individually tailored to the drug. We can thus offer your products optimal protection.

The added value accruing from RAUMEDIC

RAUMEDIC develops polymeric packaging solutions and expands them through individual functions that are tailored to your drug. They are based upon a profound array of technology, incorporating extrusion, injection molding, and assembly, as well as film blowing.

Owing to the variety of manufacturing capabilities and extensive expertise in materials, we are in a position to identify an innovative and customer-specific solution for you that is appropriate to your product. This ensures that your active pharmaceutical ingredient is optimally packaged.

ISO 15378 – synonymous with secure packaging

This is the international standard that suppliers of primary packaging materials for medicinal products use in order to verify that their quality management (QM) system meets customers' requirements in terms of primary packaging materials as well as statutory provisions and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. To this effect, the QM system of the RAUMEDIC AG was audited by TÜV Süd, who confirmed ISO 15378 certification conformity on 12/03/2014.

This international standard incorporates all requirements of ISO 9001 as well as additional criteria specific to the following topics:

  • prevention of contaminations
  • effective change management
  • validation and qualification

Protection Against Plagiarism for Your Packaging Solutions

The counterfeiting of products causes significant damages to the pharmaceutical industry. In a worst-case scenario, this can result in negative health outcomes for the patient. Identifying product piracy and making it more difficult is thus another challenge for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging.

Already in the development phase of packaging solutions, we offer various options for making these products more secure. RAUMEDIC's protection against product piracy concepts are based, among other things, upon the application of the following technologies:

  • use of microparticles
  • UV labeling
  • laser marking
  • use of RFID technology

With the help of the the options mentioned above, we support you in rendering it difficult to counterfeit your products.

Examples of Custom Products in Fluid Handling

    Drug cups manufactured using the sandwich injection molding procedure

    Sandwich injection molding can be used to improve permeability through the use of two materials with different barrier properties.

    Packaging solutions with protection from counterfeiting

    The products are also protected against pirating by the technologies and mechanisms for protection against plagiarism that are used.